Classic cigarettes history.

Classic Cigarettes

Imperial Tobacco Company decided to strengthen its presence in the economical segment of filter cigarettes and launched the Imperial Classic cigarettes on the market. Strict name corresponds to the same design. White pack comes with a minimum of graphic elements and not loaded with options – done, as they say, without the frills. At the

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Winston cigarettes. History and Review.

Winston Cigarettes

The brand received its name in honor of the city of Winston-Salem in the US, North Carolina. This city is the center of tobacco production and it was there that the first Winston factory was opened. The founder of the brand is considered to be the corporation R.J. Reynolds, which has launched Winston cigarettes in

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Vogue cigarettes. History and Review.

Vogue Cigarettes

Vogue cigarettes have different types and are recognized as the most popular cigarettes among women. The aristocratic nature of this brand gives each of their owners to feel like a refined lady. For the first time, Vogue appeared on the tobacco market in 1932. And to this day, each lady who is not indifferent to

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Hilton cigarettes. History and Review.

Hilton Cigarettes

This brand of cigarettes is produced in Eastern Europe by British American Tobacco – the world’s most international tobacco group. Hilton cigarettes are associated with good taste and high status, and are well-known in Europe. Hilton cigarettes owe their name to the famed Hilton family, the founders and owners of the prestigious Hilton hotel network.

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Parliament cigarettes. History and Review.

Parliament Cigarettes

Parliament cigarettes are created by Phillip Morris. This is one of the most popular brands around the world. Parliament are used in the film industry, in advertising and are in high demand among smokers. Cigarettes of this brand are divided into different types and have a rather interesting history of creation. The main target audience

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Lucky Strike cigarettes. History and Review.

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike is the oldest American cigarette brand, which began its history back in 1871. In that year, in Virginia Patterson introduced the Lucky Strike trademark as chewing tobacco but in 1905 it had evolved into a cigarette thanks to the American Tobacco Company (ATC). In 1916 under the Lucky Strike brand were produced cigarettes

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