Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new generation of decentralized digital currency created and working only on the Internet. Central organ of control of the network does not exist. The network is distributed to all the participants, each computer mining Bitcoin is a member of this system. This means that no central authority is able to dictate the rules to the owners of Bitcoin.

Where can I get Bitcoin?

To find the most suitable place to buy Bitcoin please follow this link: How to buy BitCoin

Do you accept payments other than Bitcoin (PayPal, Western Union, Visa and etc.)?

Right now we are working on implementing payments with credit cards. Untill that we only accept bitcoin.


What is the shipping cost and how much time it takes?

  • Free Worldwide Delivery;

It usually takes 2-3 weeks for package to arrive depending on the destination country.

Will I have to pay the excise duty?

Mostly the answer is no. However, in our experience there were cases when some countries asked our customers to pay the excise tax. But what is more important is that even in case of payment of the tax the price still came out cheaper than local market price.

Will I get the money back in case I am asked to pay the excise duty?

No, you won’t. There are several ways to solve this issue. If your package is stopped at customs and you are asked to pay the excise duties then you have two options:

  • Pay the excise duties.
  • To refuse the package (it’s your right). In this case they will send it back to you.
  • After we have received back your order there will be 2 options:
  •  we will refund you 70%
  •  we will reship, but you will pay for shipping

This is the only case when we proceed as described above.

Why there is a minimum order?

In order to make shipping free we were given rule to ship minimum 4 cartons per box, in other case the shipping and handling fees are much higher. And we dont want our customers to pay more. This how we will ship if the order will be more then 4 cartons:

– If the order is 5-6 cartons they will be sent in 1 box (not recomended);

– If the order will be 8 cartons we will ship in 2 boxes (at the same time or 1 week difference – Client decide) or Client can provide more then 1 adres (recomended).

Do I need to register to order the delivery?

Basically you don’t. However, depending on your local post there may be some unforeseen situations in which you may regret using fictitious name when ordering.

What happens in case my order is lost?

Due to stricter control regulations at border in EU countries, we are not liable for packages that have been confiscated or seized by the customs or got lost on the way. Also we can not send another package if it has been confiscated before, since this will make us to add extra costs to the cigarettes prices (meaning that this includes extra risk for returned packages).

This regulations apply for countries like: The Netherlands, France or UK.

In case your order is sent back, there is a refund of 70% (the cost of delivery is excluded), or we will reship, but you will pay for shipping – it is up to you to choose one option.


Do you sell genuine cigarettes on your website? Where are they produced?

Yes, products we sell are 100% original and have genuine excise stamps on each pack. But please note that the warning messages on the packs are in other languages because we are buying cigarettes from wholesalers across Europe. Cigarettes we sell on our website are produced by the official manufacturers.

Your offer is too good. What’s the catch?

It does sound too good but it’s true! Tobacco products do really cost almost twice less in poorly developed countries. And we just take this opportunity to give you access to low-priced quality cigarettes.

Is it against the law to buy cigarettes online?

No, it is absolutely legal! Many people doubt this and if you are one of them you can explore this issue deeper. In case you will find any information that will stop you from making a lawful purchase on our website then please contact us.

Why are your prices so low? I spend so much more if I buy the same brands in my home country.

Our prices are low because we purchase cigarettes from poorly developed Eastern European countries. Prices in these countries are much lower because of the huge differences in living standards.

Have any questions we didn’t answer?