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Tasting of Dunhill Fine Cut “Master Blend” cigarettes

Today we are going to review Dunhill Fine Cut Master Blend cigarettes.

I smoked them a long time ago, when there was a different design and there were no stickers with pictures.

Dunhill is a brand of cigarettes produced by British American Tobacco since 1982. The difference between all types of these products consists of different strengths.

Alfred Dunhill is the founder of a dynasty of entrepreneurs who opened his tobacco store in 1907. Nowadays, the company is divided into two components – the Dunhill brand, dealing with tobacco, and Alfred Dunhill, producing luxury clothing, watches and accessories. Until 1982, the company produced cigars and cigarettes. These products are still manufactured and their range is available in many countries.

Long format cigarettes, 93mm. Fine Cut – fine cut. There is no “Fine Cut” prefix on regular format packs.

The price per pack is $ 5,6. Packaging is dense, the corners of the pack are beveled, the bottom part has a scratchy surface.

Inside the packet there is a flap shell present, like a Marlboro, preventing, as I understand it, the cigarette from weathering and losing flavor and drying out.

Cigarette filter consists of two parts – acetate fiber with carbon chips and pure acetate fiber, there is a perforation ring. The design of the filter is beautiful, solid.

I will not tear cigarettes, gut them like a butcher, looking for surrogate in tobacco mixture, someone’s clipped nails or painted paper, it is not my way. And the average smoker is not interested in such things. I don’t consider it the zenith of professionalism, and I won’t pretend to be a sommelier either.

Cigarettes: tar 6, nicotine 0.6. CO 7.

Dunhill Fine Cut “Master Blend” cigarettes behave well when smoking. There is no sore throat, they go very smoothly. The flavor is dominated by notes of prunes mixed with Virginia bread flavor. There is also a paper flavor and typical cigarette tones, as in many cigarettes. Letting the smoke out through the nose is very pleasant, the concentration of flavor is maximum.

What can be said about these cigarettes? Not a bad alternative to Parliament cigarettes, but more interesting, with a higher strength.