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Why cigarettes have an orange filter?

Why cigarettes have an orange filter and what the color of the filter basically affects

Many smokers notice that cigarettes can have different filter colors: orange, white or even different colors. Why cigarettes have different filter colors, what the cork filter is made of and what the color of the filter basically affects – let’s find out today in our article.

First of all, we would like to note that the filter itself is always white, because it is made of acetate fiber, but the rim paper around it can be different colors, and we will talk about them further. And if you are interested in the topic of filters, you can read more here.

From white to cork

Most often, in addition to the white color of the filter you can meet an orange speckled filter (sometimes called “cork”). Where did they come from and why do they have such a strange color?

Let’s go back to history: the first cigarettes did not have a filter, in fact, they were shredded tobacco leaves wrapped in paper, and thus when smoking tobacco particles got into the mouth, which caused unpleasant sensations.

Already in the 30s manufacturers began to make cigarettes with a mouthpiece, the top layer of which was made of natural cork so that the tip of the cigarette does not stick to the lips. This is due to the fact that the cork does not soak, and thus the cigarette filter did not “melt”. That is, the first cigarettes with a “cork” filter were really made from cork.

Over time, the cork layer was replaced by a thicker paper, which imitates the color of the cork, but the color and pattern decided to leave. So now, in essence, there is no difference between cork and any other filter.

A new marketing move

Another version of the use of the “cork” filter was… to attract women.

In the 30s, the famous Marlboro brand (here, by the way, we told a lot about this famous brand) was positioned as women’s cigarettes (yes, yes, as surprising as it may sound to us). So the marketers of those times had a difficult task – to make the advertising of a male product attractive for women. And so they used a red filter that would help hide lipstick marks and make the ritual more aesthetically pleasing.

How the color of the filter affects the taste

Spoiler: in today’s world, no way. With the development of cigarette manufacturing, the paper began to fulfill all the necessary properties for the convenience of the smoker. Now cigarettes with white, cork or any other color of filter have the same properties.

But it is worth noting that historically, cork filters are used on stronger standard format cigarettes, so there is a perception among smokers that cork filter cigarettes are stronger.

Some say that the cork filter helps you know which side to light from. Well – this version also has the right to exist😊

What other filters might there be

Nowadays you can find filter rim paper of absolutely any color and design: white, cork, gray, gold and even black. Manufacturers use the color of the paper more as a decoration and a way to emphasize the brand image.

But, as you have already understood, the color and design of the filter rim paper does not affect the quality of tobacco and taste, rather it is a design element that complements the aesthetic experience.