Get 5 cartons for FREE SHIPPING


We’ve heard enough stories from our friends and relatives across the world
about huge tobacco prices in EU and USA – the prices start from 8$ and higher!
That’s why we decided to build this website and start shipping
cheap and quality cigarettes for You and Your friends!

Not our first day in business.

We are working since 2016 and we sell only original cigarettes. We offer FREE SHIPPING on large orders and provide tracking information for every one of them.

Where do we ship?

We are shipping to the USA and several EU countries like NL, France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and Spain. If your county is not on the list that mean 2 things:

1. Cigarettes in Your country is not that expensive;
2. Or customs in Your country is very strict and will seize the cigarettes((

How do I pay?

We have several payment methods for different countries. Write us an email (or use chat) and we will tell you more!

Feel free to contact us.


The best quality of cigarettes (Original). Customer support always answered to all my questions, and it’s very easy to get in touch with it, when I need some information or when it’s to know my tracking number. Thanks to your business, you help me save so much money and I’m glad to help you also from buying cigs from you. Hope your business will run for the next endless years;)


I ordered Marlboro golds and couldn’t tell the difference between ones sold here in the UK. The cigs were relatively new as well. The customer support was very good in general – I received prompt answers to any queries I had which was useful.


Product was fresh and as described and tasted identical to the USA domestic equivalent. Cigs where i live costs upwards of $15 USD depending on vendor and likely to increase in the next year, so your prices are a really good save! Customer support was very attentive and followed up regarding coordination of delivery.