One day we read in the news that Australia raised the tax on cigarettes. Then we began to see more and more reviews on Reddit about the cost of cigarettes in different corners of the world. All this made us think about how unfair it is that we have it cheap but somewhere a man has to spend a lot of money just because he is a smoker, while tobacco companies are getting richer and governments are constantly raising the tax.

To all this, terrible pictures and warnings on cigarette packs were added. And what for many is a pleasant habit, just a way to calm their nerves and relax, turned into horror!

Therefore, we decided to create this website so that more smokers could pay an adequate price for cigarettes without overpaying crazy taxes, and so that they could get cigarettes out of normal packs and their appearance wouldn’t spoil them the moment of smoking.

Thanks to the digital age more and more people trust online retailers and buying cigarettes online is not an exception. A wide variety of premium brands and fine tobacco can be found on our website at amazingly affordable prices. Being imported from Europe, in most cases, prices for our cigarettes are 2.5 times lower than the market price. At the same time, we can guarantee the quality and freshness of the cigarettes we sell.

We’ve been working since 2016. We’re the same smokers like you! We’ve had our ups and downs, problems with mail and delivery. But we’ve always coped with everything, overcame all obstacles so that you could enjoy quality cigarettes at a fair price! Start Shopping Now.

Our online store is selling only quality tobacco products that are 100% original. All cigarettes on our website can be bought only for Bitcoins.

Thank you for considering our service. If you have any questions or doubts then please visit our ‘FAQs’ page.

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The best quality of cigarettes (Original). Customer support always answered to all my questions, and it’s very easy to get in touch with it, when I need some information or when it’s to know my tracking number. Thanks to your business, you help me save so much money and I’m glad to help you also from buying cigs from you. Hope your business will run for the next endless years;)


I ordered Marlboro golds and couldn’t tell the difference between ones sold here in the UK. The cigs were relatively new as well. The customer support was very good in general – I received prompt answers to any queries I had which was useful.


Product was fresh and as described and tasted identical to the USA domestic equivalent. Cigs where i live costs upwards of $15 USD depending on vendor and likely to increase in the next year, so your prices are a really good save! Customer support was very attentive and followed up regarding coordination of delivery.