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Cigarettes and unique technological “fixes”, how do you put that together?

We have already told you a lot about cigarettes, their evolution and how international companies produce them. What else can cigarette brands use to differentiate themselves from each other besides pack color, format and tobacco? We called these technological “chips.” They are usually indicated on the pack itself, unfortunately, not everyone knows what they mean. Therefore, we propose to understand this topic.

The most unique “features” in cigarettes

“Less Smell” – this technology leaves less odor on clothes, hands or hair. Many brands use this technology, such as Marlboro and L&M cigarettes.

“Ash control” is a feature that will be very relevant to consumers who like to smoke in the car. The principle of its operation is that the used tobacco is contained on the cigarette and does not scatter. Thus, there will be no ash left in the interior of the car. Also with the help of the filter design with an air chamber inside, it is easier to put out the cigarette.

“Firm filter” is a thicker walled filter that does not soak when smoked and holds its shape better. This filter can be found in Marlboro Red or Marlboro Gold cigarettes.

The air filter, or Recessed filter as it is also known. This is an air chamber placed at the end of the cigarette, after the acetate part. This prevents the smoker from touching the filter where the effects of used tobacco remain. Smokers also add that the air filter makes the flavor softer. Such technology is present in Parliament cigarettes.

“Capsule (button).” – we have a whole article on our site about cigarettes with capsules, so I will briefly describe that the manufacturers have added to the usual taste of tobacco, fruit flavors for a more pronounced taste. At first it was menthol, and now it is a different number of flavors from blueberry to watermelon. Subsequently, they started to release two capsules in one cigarette, or 5 different flavors in one pack. You can choose capsule cigarettes by clicking here.

“Easy open” – easy opening of the pack. With a small cut under the lid of the pack, it is very easy to push the lid to open it. This “feature” can be found in the L&M Loft brand family.

“Finely cut tobaccos” – if you see such a mark on a packet, it means that the tobacco undergoes a very fine tobacco cut, which improves the experience of using the tobacco product. The L&M range of cigarettes uses this technology.

“Seal” is a metallized wrapper of cigarettes, which gives additional tightness to the product and keeps the freshness of tobacco longer. It gives a unique look to premium brands like Dunhill.

Where can you find out information about the cigarettes you buy?

“QR code on a cigarette packet” – if you see a QR, be sure to scan it. You will be able to see a lot of interesting things from the brand and learn what “features” there are in cigarettes and what they mean. Read about the limited edition design and the reason for its appearance. Also, you will always be able to leave a review of the cigarettes and talk to a representative of the brand.