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“Top cigarettes with good tobacco!” That’s what they say about Marlboro Double Mix….. Shall we check it out?

Unlike many competitors, regardless of the presence of tobacco inside, Marlboro, including Double Mix, has at least one absolute advantage – these cigarettes can be bought everywhere. And there are a lot of positive reviews about this brand. With only one “but”…

And this “but” is significant. Almost everyone who speaks enthusiastically about duble mix is a smoker of the age category “just over 20”, whose tastes from the already established fans of tobacco products often differ dramatically. Even on these particular cigarettes. Although these “two buttons” are made exactly for such a young audience originally. Do you remember what were the colors of cigarette packs not so long ago? When the “red” pack guaranteed that inside was the strongest cigarettes of the brand, but the “white” – the most light cigarettes. Now all that doesn’t seem to work anymore, at least not the way it used to…. In fact, it works fine, but the colors are not focused on the strength of the smoke, but solely on the target audience.

I remember that back in the “noughties”, in Europe, they conducted studies on focus groups of different ages, on what colors which group prefers. I will not bore you with all the results, but about that time it was found out that black color is preferred by young people up to 30-35 years old, but smokers with age “from 40” avoid it. If the topic of such “color differentiation” of tobacco packaging is interesting – write in the comments and I will release an article about it.

So, based on the results of those studies, the modern Marlboro Double Mix is originally designed for young people and it should not be particularly surprising that most of the reviews are from young people.

So, today I will review this brand of cigarettes in detail, with some look back at the most popular reviews. Maybe these are really worthwhile cigarettes!

I found it funny, but in almost all reviews the biggest advantage of these cigarettes was “choice of flavors”. And most often it is stated that the choice consists only of a couple of flavors of “buttons”, that is, the third “choice” of the flavor of the tobacco filling itself is almost not taken into account)))) Although there were reviews with an emphasis on the “tobacco flavor”, and the aroma was considered as a “secondary benefit”))

Structurally, Double Mix in the “compact” format differs little from most competitors – loose, semi-empty filling, “technological” three-section filter with “peas” of capsules inside, noticeable perforation of its paper cover. The only peculiarities are, in my opinion, just in the filter. Marlboro’s short mouthpiece is the most “thin-walled”, both sections are made of acetate fiber, but of different weave density, and the paper shell is a dense, almost cardboard sleeve.

The bag inside is for the most part represented by light yellow colors, there are minimal inclusions of both even lighter and slightly darker colors. The slicing of the blend is quite fine and consists of short ribbons, with a noticeable addition of small flakes of “blasted” vein. Plus, fragments with a paper-like structure are not uncommon here. In general, you can’t expect any exclusively tobacco flavors with such a composition.

And the smoke really does not have them, there is a monotonous woody note with a fair share of bitterness and emerging acridity, nothing more. The strength of the smoke is felt in the area of “four”, but if you manage to close the perforation of the filter, you can get a little more dense and as it seems a little stronger smoke. If you smoke with activated “buttons”, the purple one gives a minty candy flavor, with a very implicit berry tinge, and the blue one gives a moderately sharp menthol. The first capsule completely “extinguishes” almost all the negativity of the cigarette filling, while the second capsule is able to absorb not only the “tobacco” of the cartridge case, but also the actual “berries” of the violet capsule.

In the reviews I’ve found, Double Mix is often referred to as the “best alternative” to the “push-button” Rothmans and Winston, which I would probably agree with. The flavor of capsules is predictable, but there is much less “soap” than similar versions of Rothmans, and Winston…. And what about “tobacco flavor”? You should not blame young people for such amateurish reviews, they probably just do not know what cigarettes with tobacco inside taste like and judge only by what the modern tobacco industry offers them.