Prices for Marlboro Red in different countries/states

With the help of many users from Reddit we have gathered information on how mucj Marlboro Red costs in differemt parts of the world.


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Red and White cigarettes. History and Review.

Red and White are of high quality at a democratic price. Red and White cigarettes caught the fancy of the middle and working class, especially in Central Europe. Being a part of Philip Morris International, Red and White cigarettes relate to the economic segment. All Philip Morris products are sold in more than 180 markets,

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Monte Carlo cigarettes history.

Monte Carlo cigarettes are manufactured by R.J. Reynolds (as part of the JTI holding). The production of this brand of cigarettes is concentrated in Japan. The hard work of the Japanese experts gave excellent results, creating a taste worthy of you. Monte Carlo has sprung into immediate popularity and courageously conquers the tops of sales,

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Karelia cigarettes. History and Review.

Karelia is a world-famous brand of thin modern cigarettes of premium quality, which belongs to the George Karelias and Sons family. The trademark appeared in 1995 however its parent company has been carrying on its history since 1888. At the origins of the company stood the Greek tobacco grower – George Karelias. Variety and noble

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