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Sometimes they come back again… Smoking Captain Black

I’m sure many people will remember this brand with a kind word… But the time of that very American Captain Black is long gone and, unfortunately, irrevocably gone. The Dominican version, now on sale, is always inferior in quality to the American one. But even that has almost disappeared from the tobacco shelves in the last two or three years. To tell you the truth, I was surprised to find them back on the market. What has changed in these cigarillos in the nearly five years since the last review of the Black Captain.

Ever since the Black Captain began “sailing” to us from the Dominican Republic I stopped considering myself a fan of the brand and stopped keeping track of what was going on with it in the market. Therefore, the moment of their departure from wide, regular sales went unnoticed for me. I was told about it by my acquaintances, tobacco store owners, as if they were back…

Indeed, we haven’t heard anything about Captain Black in our city for the last couple of years. I don’t have the possibility to check the availability in other regions, well, only through your comments. I looked at ST – Captain Black is long gone, the site “Our Network” shows a suspiciously small amount of some varieties, like “2 pieces in 2 stores”, which rather indicates the absence of the brand.

Purely externally the pack has not undergone any changes over these five years. In a word absolutely.

The excise stamp on my pack is from the beginning of 2021 and the disappearance of the mark from some markets can probably be explained by the “logistical miracle” of tobacco distributors.

The cigarettes in the pack are also unchanged. Still the same “hundred” with a paper sleeve. Although, maybe I’m wrong of course, but the paper “Captain” is more like dyed, also it was thicker and denser. The rest, including the design of the cigarettes, remained the same.

Purely visually, the bag seems to have become a little lighter, and there are a little more flaky veins than in the version of five years ago. But in general, some dramatic changes I did not see. Although… The fragrance, which previously was supposed to be vanilla, is not even close to it. Out of a freshly opened packet there is just a sweet, incomprehensible smell, which is just not real to identify unequivocally. And it’s not very enduring – after a couple of days from the open pack it just smells like paper.

No vanilla and a smoke flavor – a little bit of sweetness, which is enhanced by a sweet filter and nothing more. But in the “bouquet” of this version a note of burnt paper is very well noticeable, right from the moment of lighting until the end. No, of course I’m not that naive and didn’t expect the newly announced “Captain” to be of better quality, but still, I didn’t expect such a fall.

What’s the bottom line? Alas, Captain Black became a mediocrity, very overrated. The same Barclay’s is tastier, stronger, and cheaper. Who is this “Captain” for then? Well, more likely for those smokers for whom the brand is familiar only “by ear” who do not know the former quality, and domestic counterparts are not acceptable. Yes, there are such, ponuts are not gone anywhere))) But that’s just my opinion)