“LD” cigarette tasting.

Today I will continue my review of the “budget segment” cigarettes, responding to your requests for tastings. I will not dwell in detail on the history of the brand. I will only say that the brand began with LD Filters or LD “red” in king size format. During its not too long history the brand […]

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Richmond cigarette tasting.

All the cigarettes of this brand are produced in cooperation with and under the control of the British company Richmond Tobacco Co. Funny enough, but in the CIS they are positioned as “super premium”, but in Britain they occupy the lower price segment. Anyway, let’s try the four main varieties today.   Richmond Klan. This […]

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High Tech: Smoking Kent HDi Blue

Kent produced in Europe under license, even if it was not as tasty as the American one of the 1990s, but it was still popular. In addition, this brand has always held a firm position in the premium segment and its only serious rival was only Parliament. What were these cigarettes and what was their […]

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