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Winston vs Winston, but 11 years apart. Let’s see what’s changed!

What’s the point of comparison? Yes, I agree, Winston of the early 2010s was already far from the quality of the 90s and even from the beginning of the “noughties”. On the other hand, it is also different from the modern version. But how much and most importantly in what direction – we will find out right now!

Almost everything has changed in the design of the packs – the font, textured surface, color scheme, even the trademark red color now has a different shade.

At the same time, both versions have already been released under the “management” of JTI, known for its sad approach to the brands once bought. So already at this stage of comparison nothing good could be expected from both samples))

Under the lid, the packs look very similar – the same “pocket” cutout, foil…. Well, only on the 2011 version there is no corporate embossing and advertisement of “compacted filter”.

The design of the cigarettes itself has undergone much more changes, although the image is still recognizable. The evolution of the cartridge case design has not only affected the density of the filter. Cigarettes of 2011 are certainly not an example of filling density, but modern Winston is just half-empty against their background. And with such a very modest filling modern cigarettes are also “decorated” with perforations.

But the pouch has changed 100%! Modern Winston became much lighter, with plenty of white-yellow fragments. Gutted side by side, both bags look like completely different bags. The 11-year-old Winston has even a very decent composition both in color and in the composition of the bag.

Of course, there is enough fat in it, but at least it doesn’t have so much surrogate leaf, which JTI feeds all the fans of the modern version with.

But the most important and obvious change happened of course with the smoke flavor. 11-year-old Winston is not the best example of cigarettes with tobacco, but there at least the strength corresponds to the declared strength (tar 10 mg, nicotine 0.8 mg), and even if not obvious, but still there is tobacco flavor. Yes, far from Winston’s of the 90’s, but still quite smokable.

I haven’t smoked the modern version for quite a long time and… And I don’t think I’ll be volunteering to smoke it in the near future. The smoke is acrid, mineral, unpleasant to the point that the first desire from a puff is to exhale as quickly as possible. A great choice for those who are quitting smoking))))

Does anyone else remember these cigarettes? And what was sold under the brand in the 90’s?

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