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The cigarettes that never were. Part 2

Quite rightly, many readers noted the absence of the most famous “movie” brand Morley in the review. But I left it out deliberately, because today the whole review is devoted to “replacement” brands, those cases when it is impossible to fit the real image of the brand into the script. So…

Morley. These are really the most famous “movie” cigarettes found in a lot of projects. Of course, everyone has noticed that the design of the pack is most similar to Marlboro. By chance? Hardly =) The first time Morley “shone” in Hitchcock’s “Psycho“, and it was 1960. In those years tobacco growers were not pressured as they are now and any mass advertising of tobacco was not prohibited. But then why was a pseudo-brand “moulage” needed?

One could assume it was a hidden Marlboro ad and perhaps it was. But certainly not by Hitchcock, as in “Psycho” the pack looks nothing like Marlboro.

In one of the parts of the series “The Strain” you can also meet “atypical” Morley design, but here everything is clear. The series started in 2014, and for advertising a real tobacco brand, you could get a big kick out of it.

But still the most common image of Morley received just in the livery of Marlboro. It is even surprising how often the brand appears in movies, from “The X-Files” to the sitcom “Friends”, from the series “Beverly Hills 90210” to “The Twilight Zone” and “American Horror Story”. The image of the famous movie pack was even announced in the computer shooter System Shock 2.

In general, it is Marlboro that has the honor of being the most often “quoted” visually. Not for nothing this brand is called the most recognizable in the world for decades. This is how the brand was “advertized” in the game Mario Kart 64. Very successful in my opinion)) And the name was used, and the chevron was inverted….

Much less gracefully “disguised” the original in the anime series “Kaiji”. They just changed the name a bit =)

Another anime project – “Welcome to the NHK!” – did the same thing, but even more cleverly. However, at a quick glance, the tutu is still recognizable))))

Anime creators in general have been prolific in drawing copies. The Future GPX Cyber Formula series parodied Camel’s advertising livery. You’ll agree, it’s very similar.)) Especially if you ignore the slightly changed name and fish instead of camel.

In the Japanese manga “Hidamari Sketch” there is a pack of “High-Right” brand, which is very similar to Japanese cigarettes “Hi-Lite”.

Incidentally, the second most popular cigarettes, immediately following Morley, are Laramie, an analog of Marlboro in the “Simpsons” universe. The popularity of the brand, perhaps, contributed to the popularity of the series itself, which has not lost its fans for many years. Laramie, although not similar to Malboro by name, but accurately enough, for the style of the cartoon universe, copies the graphic image of the pack. Plus, this brand has many varieties in the series, from Laramie 100’s to Laramie Extra Tars, there’s even an electronic version of Larami-e.

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