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What young people smoke: Kent Crystal Mix cigarettes

More recently I did a similar review, based on researching a lot of youthful sub-publics, on the topic of “how to be an adult”… No, of course not)) Kids have been living their own lives for a long time and smoke not to imitate their parents (besides, not all parents of their offspring smoke), but to be “cool” among their peers…

It is these cigarettes that most often flicker among the preferences of minors… Yes, it’s unfortunate, but junior high school kids also smoke. Personally, I do not expect anything good from these cigarettes, but still, I wonder what young people “breathe” now. And, yes, I’ll spend the whole review in this old-fashioned way, but with an attempt to stand in the shoes of a modern schoolboy))

Well, everything is clear with the design of the pack – bright, abstract images and created exclusively for young smokers. It’s a great way for a tobacco company to get youngsters to join the ranks of smokers, without incurring the wrath of the regulatory agencies. Although, personally, for some reason, the image of the “button” on the packet reminds me most of a bloody pimple…

Crystal Mix is the newest (relative to others of course) series from modern Kent and the gap with the old brand is huge. Modern Kent, for the most part, are cigarettes just for young people, not for those who appreciate the tobacco base in smoking. Unfortunately. So, a pack of “compacts”, and Crystal Mix in other formats is not produced, is 148 rubles. Are there any parents among the readers? Write in the comments how much a month you give your offspring pocket money. Because I only have cats among my children, and they, fortunately, do not smoke))

In accordance with the law “on advertising” under the lid is only a QR code, which will eventually lead to the manufacturer’s website. What can you find out there? Well, as usual – in cigarettes “premium tobacco”, and the taste of the button… Well, they themselves don’t have much idea… Called it “berry”)) In general, all the information on the site is also designed for those who have no idea what the tobacco)

These “compacts”, from all the others, structurally do not differ in any way, as well as the actual design. All the differences are only in the color scheme, but even that is quite weak. Cigarettes of any type of this series have the same properties – a very loose packing, a ring of frequent perforation and a two-part filter consisting of a mouthpiece and a “drum” of acetate fiber with a gelatin capsule inside it.

The bag in the casings… Well, you can see for yourself – most of it is nicotine-free and tar-free. And it’s unlikely that your offspring will get addicted to “smoking tobacco” through Kent, because there’s hardly any tobacco here.) It’s worse, much worse, and some psychologists will back me up, that through the experience of smoking a “sweet cigarette”, the offspring will get a lasting marker of behavior. I’ve been a smoker for a very long time… And I’m against young people smoking! Especially young people with no brains! I would love to vote for a bill banning the sale of cigarettes to people under 20 years old. Or better yet, under 25! Why? Smoking tobacco should be a conscious act. Although this is not about modern cigarettes, unfortunately((

But back to the cigarettes themselves. “I’ve tried and reviewed Crystal Mix cigarettes, but I don’t remember that in addition to the flavoring in the capsule, there was also the flavoring of the tobacco itself. And in the case of this variety, it is exactly so – the cigarettes themselves emit a clearly visible flavor of chocolate or even chocolate and coffee. Please don’t kick me fans of the noble beverage! Of course, these flavors are perceived as “tobacco” flavors and have very little to do with natural coffee and even less to do with chocolate. But a fact is a fact – the level of “tobacco from parents” is relatively low…

What about the taste of smoke? Well, that’s easy. The content of the shells, which is quite far from tobacco, although it gives a stink in the rum note, but when you smoke it is seriously smoothed by the very “coffee” flavor. And exactly when smoking! I suspect that not only the bag is flavored, but also the paper. As for the “button”, it adds, or rather predominates over the other “flavors” of berry soap, which is not surprising. And to call this flavor “fresh berries,” “juicy currants” or “cocktail of garden strawberries, with a subtle citrus note” could only a factory marketer or… Or a child with a well-developed imagination.

And, as a postscript, why smoke these particular cigarettes and not some “vape-less” vape? Personally, I have only one explanation: price. It’s unlikely that a high school student will smoke a pack of these Kent’a in a day. Cigarettes are just cheaper than their more technologically advanced counterparts, especially on a severely limited budget. Although, perhaps I’m wrong…

Today I’m going to ask parents rather than adults who smoke – have you ever caught your offspring smoking? Have you educated them in a “healthy way”? Have you had positive results? I’m just curious about the answers myself, since the only kids I have are cats))

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