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Quiz: How well do you know the history of smoking?

Quiz: How well do you know the history of smoking?

I think it’s worth refreshing our memory, so I’ve prepared an 8-question quiz for you about the history of smoking. If you’re a real smoker who appreciates the process of ingesting smoke and enjoys it, you should answer at least 5 of the 8 questions. Ready?

1) In what year did Peter the Great abolish the ban on smoking?

a) In 1692

b) In 1698

c) In 1695

d) In 1697

2) Who was the first person in the world to officially bring tobacco to Europe and start smoking it?

a) Christopher Columbus

b) Jean Willmann Nico

c) Rodrigo de Jerez

d) Seville de Bravo

3) What does the red circle on Lucky Strike cigarettes symbolize?

a) The sun

b) Japanese flag

c) Nothing symbolic.

d) Apple

4) What kind of cigarettes did Stalin smoke?

a) Herzegovina Flor

b) Belomorkanal

c) Ogonyok

d) Imperial

5) After whom was tobacco officially named “Nicotiania” or “nicotine”?

a) Nico de Tina

b) Jean Nico

c) Christopher Columbus

d) Walter Raleigh

6) In what year did the first cigarettes appear?

a) In 1931

b) In 1826

c) In 1901

d) In 1847

7) Which variety of tobacco is considered the “sweetest” of all?

a) Burley

b) Kentucky

c) Virginia

d) Oriental

8) Philip Morris International — whose company is it?

a) Canada

b) China

c) Australia

d) America

Answers to questions:
1. In 1697

2. Rodrigo de Jerez

3. the Japanese flag

4. Herzegovina Flor

5. Jean Nico

6. In 1847

7. Virginia

8. America

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