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Davidoff Reach cigarette tasting

Davidoff Reach cigarette tasting

This famous brand began its history in 1985 at the German factory Reemtsma. It’s funny, but at that time Davidoff was produced in a single, “strong” variety of the same name. Toward the end of the 1990s, the original variety was renamed “Classic”, but only because “Blue” and “White” were introduced.

The Davidoff brand, by the way, is known worldwide as one of the most conservative in Europe. Cigarettes with menthol, Davidoff Menthol, were launched only in 2000. Experiments with cardinally different designs and introduction of new varieties started in mid-2010s, when Reemtsma joined Imperial Tobacco.

Now, in addition to the “classic” varieties, “seasonal”, “trial” and other “limited” editions periodically hit the market. The Davidoff Reach cigarettes in the review are produced exclusively at Imperial Tobacco Volga and are not found in the rest of the world.

Cigarettes, like the pack itself, are made in a “bold”, “youth” design and in the popular among domestic smokers “compact” format. Cigarettes in the pack is traditionally twenty, their design and quality are high enough not to dwell on this point. Separately, we should note the design of the pack done in blue tones, in the form of an ordered pile of colored rectangles. However, although the design is “modern-youth”, the traditional silver inscription “old” Davidoff did not go anywhere. So, the continuity of generations is obvious.

The design of the cigarettes logically continues the design of the pack, though in a more sparse color palette. Thus, the design of the filter consists of medium gray rectangles, which perfectly matches both the silver separator strip and the dark blue color of the inscription on the cigarette.

The design of the filter is modular, familiar from many other brands. The Davidoff Reach filter has three sections — of acetate fiber, exactly the same size of fiber with a sparse saturation of charcoal chips and a dense acetate mouthpiece. Tar characteristics of the cigarettes are not listed anywhere, but the “blue” range in the design and the single ring of perforation on the filter suggests to me that the Reach is a “light” cigarette.

The bag in the cigarette is quite light and predominantly consists of fractions of yellow and light yellow, brown leaf particles are very rare. The slicing is still neat and these are narrow, short ribbons with few thin vein cuts. The surrogate leaf is of course not without, and relative to the entire volume of the cigarette blend, there is quite a lot of it here. The exact tar characteristics are not known.

The taste of smoke from the original cigarettes of yesteryear is far, very far away. Normal, medium-cigarette, with the usual note of “burnt paper. Mediocre, passable. By the way, when smoking the very first cigarette from a freshly opened pack, I could distinctly feel the note of saltpeter in the smoke, like on matchsticks. By the end of the pack, however, I could no longer taste it. Did I get used to it? Or had it weathered?

Well, what can I say? Average. Not even the faintest hint of the once iconic cigarettes. Really passable. The strength feels medium, but they don’t make you feel satiated. Burning quickly, the taste is average, without the tobacco nuances.

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