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Market Review. Tasting Winston Silver Cigarettes

More than a year has passed since the first tasting of KS cigarettes of this brand. During this time, Winston got rid of the “red” varieties and once again changed the design of the packs. In this review we will look at and try the updated version of Winston Silver.

The design of the tutu hasn’t really changed much. The overall tone is now lighter and this is because the brand name is now printed in “silver” and the color ribbon under the brand name has disappeared altogether. In general, there are only a couple of colors in the design of the pack — white background and all the inscriptions, including the technical writing, and the design elements in light “silver”. The eagle, the symbol of the brand, didn’t disappear, but the image has become much simpler, with only three feathers in the eagle’s wing, and the tail has become simpler.

The back of the pack partially repeats the design on the front. The only difference is that the eagle is textured. Another innovation is the surface of the pack, the cardboard is velvet matte instead of glossy.

The cigarettes in the pack are traditionally packaged in paper-based foil with a tear-off label with an embossed image of an eagle on it. Note the “pocket,” which isn’t ideal, but it’s definitely more convenient due to the wider cutout.

The pack still contains twenty king size cigarettes, with the usual acetate filter. The design of the cigarettes has also changed. So the separating ring of cigarette design disappeared altogether, the brand name inscription though retained the color and font, but now the type of cigarette is not indicated. The filter paper remained white, but now it is covered with light gray, small triangles and carries a simplified image of an eagle. The perforation of the filter has become more visible and it has a short, cardboard mouthpiece.

The changes in the bag can be seen at a glance. It has become lighter, due to the use of a larger volume of light yellow fractions. In addition to these, the bag contains yellow and red-yellow particles in about equal proportions. Brown and green-yellow fractions in this Winston are added in the amount of spice. Compared to the previous version, the slicing of these cigarettes, visually, looks more accurate and consists of short ribbons, small flakes and a moderate amount of thin cuts of “blown” vein. For modern cigarettes, not bad at all. Tar characteristics are not known.

The flavor of the smoke does not differ in any way. Typical, medium cigarette smoke. But the flavor of “paper” is practically absent here, well, if only with heavy smoking. There were some questions about the perception of the strength of the smoke. So, Silver was in the middle between Blue and White, but this version of Silver seems to be similar to Winston Blue.

Original Source: Medium