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A comparative tasting of Sobranie cigarettes.

Sobranie is one of the oldest cigarette brands, its history dates back to 1879. I have already written about the history of the brand in more detail. Now I will limit myself to tasting these cigarettes. At the moment the brand produces a dozen varieties of different formats, from classic to super slims.

In this review, there will only be two varieties — Black Russian and Colours, known in the rest of the world as Coctail. According to some information I know that among the “cigar brands” there is another brand — With Russian, but I couldn’t find it and there is no information on the official website of the brand.

Sobranie Black Russian. Cigarettes look great! Black textured box with gold embossing. Even the scarecrow pictures don’t spoil the look. The box is in a vintage design, with straight corners, sturdy and very well made. The first time you open it, a cardboard tab opens on one of the flats that will hold the lid closed in the future.

The cigarettes are in a thin, foiled paper with the brand logo embossed on one side. On the lid is a brief history of the brand in two languages.

Under the cover are some absolutely gorgeous cigarettes! Black cigarette paper with a contrasting gold filter. The black coat of arms is no less striking. The size of the pack indicated 100s, in fact, a small discrepancy — 99 mm. =) The filter in cigarettes is long (26 mm), acetate, with faintly visible perforation.

The inside of the bag is varied in color, from light yellow to dark brown. The cut is cigarette-like and fairly uniform, no fragments of surrogate tobacco were seen. The manufacturer states that the bag contains only different varieties of Virginia. All over the world such a bag is called england blend, but only for cigarettes.

Cigarette specifications: 7 mg tar, 0.7 mg nicotine, 9 mg CO. Price 91.49 USD.

The aroma from the pack is tobacco, without any flavorings. The smoke has a subtle sweetness that is characteristic of Virginia. The flavor is stable, tobacco, medium strength. For me personally, the cigarettes did not seem hearty and too light.

The paper does not burn evenly when smoked, wrapping itself in these shagginesses. In intensive smoking, paper burns faster than tobacco, which is natural in the absence of chemistry in it. Now, unfortunately, we have to put up with this — either chemistry with pseudo-comfort, or nature, but with “nuances.

According to my non-smoking wife, this is exactly what real cigarettes should smell like. They didn’t cause any rejection — there’s tobacco inside, no frills on the filter, but the price is high. They are not suitable for daily use, but they are great for entertaining! =)

The next copy is Sobranie Colours. The box is in the same style, but the surface is glossy, in pastel colors. The interior styling is also similar to the previous variety.

Inside there are twenty different colored pencils)))) Clearly girly cigarettes!

In fact, they are not all multicolored. There are five colors, four cigarettes each. The colored paper aside, the design of the cigarettes is similar to the men’s version, only the filter is double perforated. According to the manufacturer, there are still bags of different sorts of Virginia inside.

Cigarette specifications: 5 mg tar, 0.5 mg nicotine, 6 mg CO.

The inside of the bag is different in color, but exactly the same as in Black Russian. It seems to me that the cigarettes are the same, only here there are more holes drilled in the filter.

However, smoking the cigarette dispelled my doubts. From the first puff there was a pleasant bitterness in the smoke, which I was expecting to find in the male version, but I didn’t. The smoke is surprisingly thicker and tastier than the Black Russian. Good, natural cigarettes. Burns the same as the male version. But again, the price is overpriced, IMHO.

As a result, we have two kinds of good cigarettes with natural tobacco. Moderately tasty, but no frills. Packaged efficiently and tastefully. The only drawback I found was the soft filter. If you hold the cigarette in your mouth, the filter quickly crumples and “gold” it looks very untidy. But this is of course a subjective minus.

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