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From the history of cigarette brands: Natural American Spirit.

The Natural American Spirit brand appeared on the market in 1982 and was produced by the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company. In 2002, the company was acquired by Reynolds American and is now a subsidiary and independent, even though 42% of Reynolds American is owned by British American Tobacco. In 2015, Japan Tobacco announced that it had won the right to sell the Natural American Spirit brand in markets outside the United States. Incidentally, until 2015 it was exclusively a U.S. national brand.

Natural American Spirit are positioned as cigarettes made of “100% natural, unadulterated tobacco. However, studies conducted by U.S. and German government agencies in the early 2000s showed significant levels of nitrates in Natural American Spirit tobacco. So, the statements of the brand owners about “safer cigarettes” are very questionable.

Like many cigarette brands, Natural American Spirit in the 2010s, forfeited the right to mark the “lightness” of cigarettes and switched to a color-coded pack. Now more than a dozen varieties of Natural American Spirit are produced, in combinations with different pouches and filters. In addition, there are at least two varieties with peppercorns in the bag and a whole line of “Roll Your Own” tobaccos for self-smokes.


Original Source: Medium