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Comparative tasting of Marlboro cigarettes.

All of the varieties in this review come in trendy beveled packs with Pro Fresh valve. Speaking of the valve, chances are it actually retains flavor longer. However, there is also a disadvantage to this technology — you cannot get a cigarette from the pack with one hand on the go 🙁 (Especially if the pack is already half empty. But this is of course my personal opinion.

So let’s start with Marlboro Red. These are the strongest cigarettes from the review. TTX: resin 9 mg, nicotine 0.7 mg, CO 7 mg. The cigarettes are equipped with an acetate filter with Firm Filter technology, i.e. it is well compacted and retains its shape.

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The cigarette has the standard American blend, the cut is thin. However, there are translucent light fractions in the overall mix resembling “reconstituted tobacco”. The flavor of the cigarette, excuse the tautology, cigarette. That is, just cigarette tobacco.

As for smoking, the taste is the same as the aroma — just cigarette tobacco. No “zest” and some kind of bland. Most often, you expect strength from cigarettes in “red” packs, but in the Marlboro Red version it is just not there. Even the original strength is blocked by the filter. To my taste — they are average, in this price category (4.6$ per pack at there are other tastier cigarettes.

Marlboro Gold. These cigarettes come with a double filter Recessed Filter, short acetate, short acetate with charcoal chips and a short mouthpiece made of thick cardboard. TTX: resin 6 mg, nicotine 0.5 mg, CO 7 mg.

The design of this variety differs from the previous one: it has a white perforated filter and a “gold” flat one, the name of the variety and a branded “check mark”.

The inside is exactly the same as the Marlboro Red. The same American blend, with the same cut and with the same “reconstituted tobacco” fractions. The aroma from the cigarette is the same, but even weaker. The taste is also no different from original one, however, the “tobacco” component is slightly brighter and slightly tastier. Despite the perforated filter, the cigarette seems to be a little stronger. And if you compare Red and Gold in terms of taste, I will definitely give my vote to Gold.


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