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Smoke LD Autograph Impuls 100’s

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand who is responsible for the increase in cigarette sales and who is responsible for the decline. It is also quite logical to assume that all increases are due to young smokers, but in our age of “great choice”, luring young people to the “dark side” is not an easy task. Or rather it was. Until recently…

Tobacco campaigns began relying on young people back in the 1970s, or even earlier. Analysts of the tobacco industry calculated that the sales volume can only be increased by capturing new markets, but by the second half of the 20th century, the world was already divided into “spheres of influence” for the tobacco giants. The only option in this case was to attract new “cigarette recruits” from the ranks of young smokers, but it was not an easy task.

So in the 1990s, the Camel brand was fined quite heavily for using the “youth image” in an advertising campaign with a new character — the camel Joe. But everything changed in the 21st century, when manufacturers of hookah tobaccos and vapes began to claim a piece of tobacco pie.

At first glance, hookah tobacco and vape cigarettes have very little in common. And so it was. Until cigarettes with a “button” appeared; simple technology has turned a cheap product into a desirable product. Everything turned out to be very simple — the youth of the 21st century needed a choice and it was provided, or rather the illusion of choice. But the youth accepted it. They realized it only after a couple of decades, starting to introduce bans on both vaping and “chemistry” in cigarettes. But the commercially successful market has already been created …

Today we will check out the LD Autograph Impuls 100’s cigarettes with a “purple” capsule. Traditionally for the entire Impuls series, the name of the brand is no longer indicated, probably also under pressure from supervisory authorities, so as not to create unnecessary illusions about the taste of the smoke.

The pack contains twenty Compact 100’s with combined filter. The quality of the casings and the packing density of the cigarette mixture are at an acceptable level by modern standards. Design … The design is typical for the entire series and cigarette varieties differ from each other only in the color of the “target”, in our case, it is purple.

The 2020 restyling of the filter design wasn’t touched — it is still three sections of acetate fiber: with carbon crumbs, a gelatin capsule aromatic and a hard, short mouthpiece.

If we compare the blend in filters, then it is absolutely the same for all LD varieties with a “button”. Actually, in such cigarettes they don’t sell tobacco, but a capsule with “chemicals”. The color of the bags is almost uniform, without any anomalies, even has yellow, dark yellow and red-yellow leaf fragments. Cutting also complies with modern standards for inexpensive cigarettes — different-sized tapes, flakes and various vein cuts. The vein is richly represented here — from thin sections “blown up” to long “chips” of a longitudinal section. Tar characteristics of cigarettes are not known, and are not particularly important.

The taste of smoke without an activated capsule is rather primitive — bitter with a tart mineral note. And that’s all. The desire to take advantage of the call to “change the taste” arises already on the second puff, but if you crush the capsule, the taste changes. Rather, it is completely drowned out by the aroma, which is not easy to identify. The taste of the flavoring agent resembles inexpensive hookah tobaccos like “forest berry mix”, and the abundance of menthol no longer reminds of high-quality menthol, but hookah “chill”.

What’s the bottom line? I’m probably too old for such cigarettes =) But for young smokers, direct associations with hookah tobacco are probably positively perceived. At least in the hands of experienced smokers, I have never seen cigarettes with a “button” =) personally, it is difficult for me to evaluate these LDs, but in short, they have bland tobacco blend and vigorous chemicals in a capsule. The “chill” is refreshing, of course, but it doesn’t bring me pleasure and even little satisfaction.

Do you know these cigarettes? Am I too hard on LD “buttons”? I look forward to your feedback and opinions in the comments!


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