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Comparative tasting of L&M cigarettes.

This review will feature Red Label and Blue Label cigarettes.

The first copy of the L&M Red Label is the oldest variety of the brand. These cigarettes use Fine Cut (thin cutting tobacco), Less Smell (smoke odor reduction) and Recessed filter (acetate fiber with and without charcoal, with cardboard mouthpiece). The pack is colorful, informative, but not firm — the cover of the pack is assembled with insignificant gaps.

The pack contains twenty king size cigarettes in a colorful design. The “cork” filter, the red logo and the “silver” grade designation won’t let you confuse these cigarettes with anything else. The build quality of the cigarette is high; however, small gaps can be observed at the filter seam. This does not affect the quality of smoking.

The Recessed filter consists of two halves of an acetate filter, one moderately filled with charcoal. The small mouthpiece is named by the manufacturer as “air section”. The entire contents of the filter are wrapped in as many as three layers of paper of different weights. Indeed, to make this photo I had to jump through some hoops — the density of the filter paper is almost the same as that of the pack!

Cigarette’s characteristics 10 mg tar, 0.8 mg nicotine, 10 mg CO. The “guts” of the cigarette are poor in colour, which does not indicate the quality of the blend. The cut is thin and cigarette-like and I didn’t notice any peculiarities. The filling of the cigarette is dense and uniform, though. Fractions of reconstituted tobacco — pale, translucent, devoid of texture — were seen among the fibres of the bag.

I felt a slight sweetness for the third of the cigarette, not sugary, but more similar to the natural sweetness of Virginia. If this is “chemistry”, then it is very good)) However, the sweetness quickly disappeared making way for the taste that I associate with many modern cigarettes. That is, the taste is vaguely reminiscent of tobacco. The cigarette is strong and nourishing. By the way, Less Smell’s technology is apparently defective, the smell from a cigarette remains in the room, on hands and clothes for a long time.

The next is the L&M Blue Label. These cigarettes use the same technologies as the “red” counterpart. It is no longer worth dwelling on them in detail. On the side of the cigarette is the same filter, with the same filling and thick cardboard as a wrapper. The only differences are the external design of the cigarette and the fine perforation line.

There are twenty king size cigarettes in a pack. The filter paper is white with gray wavy stripes, the logo is displayed in blue, while the grade and the sides of the brand are in “silver”. A very recognizable design as well. Characteristics of cigarettes: tar 6 mg, nicotine 0.5 mg, CO 8 mg.

The color of the bags is not richer than that of the previous variety. I would even say — poorer. In the traditional American blend pack, there are more or less contrasting colors. There are only shades of yellow in this one and that’s it. The slicing is the same, thin, cigarette. What did the manufacturers mean by “particularly thin slicing”? No “sticks”? They didn’t have them before…

The mythical sweetness can no longer be felt in the smoke of this variety. The taste is monotonous: from beginning to end, a cigarette is an average tobacco one, i.e. only resembling tobacco. I did not notice a particular decrease in the hardiness. The smoke is dry and pungent on the eyes.

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