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Why we smoke?

1) Why Do We Smoke Cigarettes? Smoking is Fun.

– Smoking, for many of us, then, became a substitute for our early habit of following the whims of the moment; it becomes a legitimate excuse for interrupting work and snatching a moment of pleasure.

– “You sometimes get tired of working intensely, and if you sit back for the length of a cigarette, you feel much fresher afterwards.”

2) Why Do We Smoke Cigarettes? Smoking is a Reward.

– A cigarette is a reward that we can give ourselves as often as we wish.

– I deserve a little fun. I’ll have a cigarette.

– In general, smoking introduces a holiday spirit into everyday living.

3) Why Do We Smoke Cigarettes? Smoking is Oral Pleasure.

4) Why Do We Smoke Cigarettes? The Cigarette — A Modern Hourglass.

– Frequently the burning down of a cigarette functions psychologically as a time indicator.

– It is much easier to watch a cigarette get smaller and smaller than to keep watching a clock and look at the hands dragging along.

– When we are in a hurry, and yet have to wait, a cigarette gives us something to do during that trying interval.

To be continued…