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Sobranie cigarettes. History and Review.

The history of the Sobranie brand goes back to the distant past but they managed to carry their traditions through the centuries. The production of Sobranie cigarettes was laid in London in the late 19th century in the traditions of the English aristocracy. Why this particular company is given special attention? The uniqueness lies in the fact that the output is very small and limited in composition.

Sobranie are cigarettes with a rich flavor and taste.. Their packaging is attractive and exquisite, and mixed tobacco varieties along with modern technologies are used in production. For a long time, Sobranie cigarettes were made by hand and by order. For these luxury cigarettes only high-quality tobacco from different parts of the world was used – Virginia, Oriental and Burley. Needless to say, that the price of these cigarettes was so high that only a narrow circle of wealthy smokers from elite sections of society could afford them.

Sobranie is by far one of the most expensive brands. But they have proved their individuality and difference from other brands. As before, the design of packages surpasses itself and is the subject of admiration for many smokers.

The uniqueness of design of Sobranie also attracts the attention of all female smokers. And the presence of different tastes causes more and more desire of the lovely ladies to try and compare all of them.

To date, Sobranie cigarettes are aimed at different consumers and have different packaging. In our assortment you will find the following:

After the Sobranie brand was acquired by Gallaher Group, prices have become lower, which increased their popularity. But the manufacturer claims that every factory that produces Sobranie is carefully controlled, so these cigarettes are still of high quality and have excellent taste properties.

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Reviews of smokers:

  • “By far the best looking cigarettes I’ve seen, especially the “Black Russian” ones. I love the taste, they aren’t too light or too heavy, despite being 100s, they also burn quite slow and don’t smell too much. My favourite brand.”
  • “Sobranie Black Russian best cigarette in the world”
  • “It’s the best brand you could ever taste, I went from kent to sobraine and I don’t regret it I just love it”
  • “Very good no smell tasty the best ever I smoked is sobranies black Russian”
  • “Sobraine Gold is very good, nice designed, low tar cigarette with a recessed filter. that’s all I need to know…”