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Red and White cigarettes. History and Review.

Red and White are of high quality at a democratic price. Red and White cigarettes caught the fancy of the middle and working class, especially in Central Europe.

Being a part of Philip Morris International, Red and White cigarettes relate to the economic segment. All Philip Morris products are sold in more than 180 markets, and in many of these markets it is the first or second largest market share. Since the company’s creation, its employees have worked hard to establish their positions in various countries and regions of the world. As a result, to date, Philip Morris International products account for almost 15% of the world cigarette market. Therefore, choosing Red and White cigarettes you should not worry either for quality or for taste.

The name of the brand consists of a combination of two colors; it’s obvious but definitely not by accident. Red color is the most powerful color from all color scale. Red is a bright and warm color that evokes strong emotions. All people associate red with love, warmth and comfort. And what can we tell about white color? Of course, in the first place, it is associated with purity and innocence. But at the same time white color is considered soothing. So, altogether, we get an explosive mixture of feelings which is also felt when smoking these unforgettable cigarettes.

There are several types of this brand – from light to very heavy:

  • Red & White
  • Red & White Fine
  • Red & White Special

Convenient packaging, years-proven aroma, excellent quality tobacco – all this makes the product of this brand one of the best in its price category.

Reviews of smokers:

  • “A strong flavour. A strong hard feel.”
  • “Good cigarettes. Banned in Latvia”

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