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Kent cigarettes. History and Reviews.

Kent Cigarettes

Kent cigarettes were first introduced to the world in the spring of 1952: then Lorillard Tobacco Company began to produce them. The name of the cigarettes was given in honor of Herbert Kent, who was the head of this company at that time.

A 70 mm long Kent cigarette had an asbestos filter and a mild taste. After the scientists proved that asbestos promotes the development of bronchogenic carcinoma, the filters were replaced with asbestos-free ones – Micronite, which helped the company bypass its competitors in the market. Now in Kent cigarettes only carbon filters are used.

In the 70s, the brand was purchased by British American Tobacco Company and Kent sales began not only in the US, but also in other countries.

Since its introduction in the market, Kent cigarettes have been considered light, until competitors have started producing lighter cigarettes. However, for each smoker the percentage of lightness is a relative concept, so the manufacturer decided to label the cigarettes with numbers – 1, 4, 8 – that differed in the percentage of resin content.

Kent cigarettes represented these days:

  • Kent HD Futura (Futura 8)
  • Kent HD Neo (Neo 4)
  • Kent HD Infinia (White 1)
  • Kent Nanotek Futura
  • Kent Nanotek Neo
  • Kent Nanotek Infinia

In 2006, rebranding was conducted: a new design of packs was developed. Today Kent cigarettes are sold in more than 70 countries and are at the leading positions in terms of sales.

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Reviews of smokers:

  • “Kent would be my favourite brand because of the smooth taste. Their filters are one of the best I’ve seen. Even the strong Kent cigarettes don’t leave a taste like a cat just took a dump in your mouth, referring to winston ahem. Overall great brand with excellent taste.”
  • “I tried every cigarette in the list but… Kent is the cigarette GOD!”
  • “Classy, less unhealthy, but still retaining its excellent taste. Oh, and I love their filters.”
  • “Kent is the lifestyle”