Kent cigarettes. History and Reviews.

Kent Cigarettes

Kent cigarettes were first introduced to the world in the spring of 1952: then Lorillard Tobacco Company began to produce them. The name of the cigarettes was given in honor of Herbert Kent, who was the head of this company at that time. A 70 mm long Kent cigarette had an asbestos filter and a

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Camel cigarettes. History and Reviews.

Camel Cigarettes

Camel is a cigarette brand which appeared in 1913. Camel cigarettes included a smoking mixture consisting of 2 varieties of tobacco leaf. Strong and tart Oriental, mainly used in Turkey and the Middle East, was mixed with the softer and fragrant Burley, which was the property of the American land. This combination was characterized by

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Bond cigarettes. History and Reviews.

Bond Cigarettes

Bond is one of the most popular brands. Bond cigarettes exist more than a century and were created in London. The name of this brand is associated with the name of the street – Bond Street – on which stood a tobacco shop. Their quality and taste have long gained the trust of smokers around

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