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Camel cigarettes. History and Reviews.

Camel Cigarettes

Camel is a cigarette brand which appeared in 1913. Camel cigarettes included a smoking mixture consisting of 2 varieties of tobacco leaf. Strong and tart Oriental, mainly used in Turkey and the Middle East, was mixed with the softer and fragrant Burley, which was the property of the American land. This combination was characterized by a strong aroma and a gentle aftertaste that softens the initial impressions of smoking. In early 2008, the composition of the tobacco mixture and the design of the packaging were changed.

The brand symbol is the famous Joe the Camel recognized all over the world even among non-smokers. The slogans of the advertising company also were extraordinary and unusual, which attracted the attention of smokers from more than 100 countries. Nowadays, the Camel package has become more modern and solid, but it still depicts Joe the camel, pyramids and the inscription “Camel”.

As a result of the development of the trademark aimed at strengthening the position of Camel on the world market several types of cigarettes were created that differ not only in their taste and aroma, but also in their composition. Based on this, in modern stores you can find the following varieties of cigarettes produced under this brand:

Camel brand was introduced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and is still popular thanks to the peculiar taste and aroma obtained in the production process as a result of mixing tobacco.

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Here what some people think about them:

  • “This is my favorite. This cigarette last forever when you get the 99’s. Lights are the best or now they call them Camel Blue. And they are cheap some stores I see them at $4.60”
  • “Best tobacco blend I’ve tasted. I smoked camels for years till they changed the pack and filter. After that the draw seems weaker and the fire safe makes em seem weak also.. Now I smoke pall mall since they are cheap, strong, burn forever and taste pretty good.”
  • “CaMel 99’s taste absolutely amazing. The red pack carries a large amount of nicotine, and has a caramel smell as well as a sweet turkish taste. The blue pack is for pussies. No smoke, incredibly light. Don’t trust em if they smoke the blue pack. Red all the way”
  • “I prefer camel unfiltered or studs whatever you call them. They have the highest nicotine buzz I’ve ever got from a cigarette, and the soft pack is boss”