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L&M cigarettes. History and Review.

LM Cigarettes

L&M cigarettes are considered the best in their price category. To date, L&M offer a wide range of products that will be enjoyed by almost every smoker.

L&M cigarettes were created by Liggett & Myers Company which is the official brand of Philip Morris. In the name of L&M cigarettes are encrypted first letters of the names of two friends and the founders of the world famous company Liggett & Myers – John Liggett and Smith Myers.

These cigarettes have already gained popularity in 75 countries. In most of them, this happened because of the pleasant quality for a low price. L&M cigarettes have a wonderful taste and pleasant aftertaste, thereby distinguishing among other cigarette brands.

Since 2007, L&M cigarettes have changed, and not just externally, having acquired a new design, but also internally – they’ve changed the tobacco blend and also developed a new triple filter.

L&M has many flavors, but we offer only the most popular ones:

Nowadays, L&M is third in the popularity rating of cigarettes around the world. They are inferior only to such giants as Marlboro and Winston.

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Reviews of smokers:


  • “I love L&M so much, I smoke L&M red 100’s, it is so good, it goes down really smooth, my only complaint is that it isn’t wispy, I’ve tried most of the types and my friends have the same problem, the exhaled smoke is very thick and cloud like. But it tastes good, they’re very inexpensive and just really good.”
  • “L&M are my favorite they satisfy me the most and where I live they are only 5 dollars so they are also cheap I’m only 15 though so I might not be the most reliable source but if you were going to smoke anything I think lnm is the way to go”
  • “I have smoked tons of cigarettes going from Marlboro’s to Winston, Pall Mall, Newport and whatever else you can think of and L&M blue’s have to be my favorite, usually when I pull a pack of L&M’s out of my pocket everyone asks what type of cigarettes these are, but when I light it up they say it smells amazing, really try it, it tastes good and gives a nice rush.”
  • “These are practically cheap new ports great for the price”