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Bond cigarettes. History and Reviews.

Bond Cigarettes

Bond is one of the most popular brands. Bond cigarettes exist more than a century and were created in London. The name of this brand is associated with the name of the street – Bond Street – on which stood a tobacco shop. Their quality and taste have long gained the trust of smokers around the world and they no longer need advertising.

The brand name of the cigarettes “Bond” is also associated with the world-famous Agent 007, James. This character appeared about 50 years ago. Perhaps Ian Fleming, the creator of the novel about a super-spy, borrowed the name. The Americans bought the popular brand in the middle of the last century from the British; they supplemented it with several new kinds. Since then, “Bond” are considered to be cigarettes from the United States.

The choice of many adherents of tobacco of famous brands falls on the “Bond” mostly because of the consonance with the famous film. And the coat of arms with the crown, which is now depicted on each package, attracts the attention of even the most demanding consumers.

Like all cigarettes, “Bond” is not an exception in the range of means that affect health. But these popular tobacco manufacturers are trying to reduce the harmful effects of their products on the organisms of smokers. Most of the devotees of this habit, taking care of their health, choose light Bond cigarettes.

Initially, there were just a few Bond types and all of them were strong. Years later, Bond producers developed milder flavors and lighter cigarettes. So, light and ultra-light tobacco products appeared though they didn’t differ in size from all the others. In the middle of the last century began to produce thin cigarettes. They contained less tobacco and harmful tar.

Bond cigarettes are manufactured using modern technologies, and laboratory experts are constantly working on creating the least harmful types of products. Their tobacco products are divided by tastes and strength.

Bond cigarettes are presented in three flavor types: Filter (red), Lights (blue), Super Lights (white). Street Special are also divided into three types: Rich (filter), Mild (lights), Fine (super lights).

Bond is produced by Philip Morris Ltd. Their cigarettes are represented in more than 50 countries around the world and retain popularity ford many years.

Here what some people think about them:

  • “Nice smooth cigarette cheaper than the major brands “
  • “Not the best but a very good bloody hit”
  • “This is a very good cigarette. i think so this one best ever. if u want to satisfying with bond? U will be can100%”
  • “Strong and tasty”