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10 rules from the smoker’s etiquette that no one follows nowadays. Well, they should!

Nowadays, many traditions of past times are going nowhere. The old rules of etiquette and accepted norms are being forgotten. Smoker’s etiquette has almost disappeared too. But in the past it was observed and therefore the attitude to smokers was more loyal, because there was mutual respect.

Today we offer you to remember the very norms of etiquette that used to be relevant.

Smoking on the go
We’ve said many times that it’s unhealthy in the first place. But in addition to harming your health, you are also harming those around you. You should not forget that a pregnant woman or a child may be walking next to you, and their health is more vulnerable than that of an ordinary person.

Ask permission to smoke
It used to be customary that before smoking, you should ask if the people around you mind. For example, at car washes, service stations and so on.

The last cigarette will not be taken away
Every smoker knows the situation when you run out of cigarettes at the most inopportune moment, and there are no options but to take a cigarette from someone. But when you see that they give you the last one – do not take it. Of course, if the person does not give it to you himself, because he has another pack in his pocket.

And one more small note: do not ask for more than one cigarette – it is indecent.

Smoker and non-smoker
It is considered bad form to smoke during a dialog with a non-smoker. The only exception to this rule is if the dialog began after the cigarette was lit. But still, if a woman comes up to you to talk, it is better to throw away the cigarette.

Shake the ashes off in the designated areas.
It’s a rule of basic education. You should not litter and add unnecessary work to people. Nowadays in cities there are urns at every step, and ashtrays at clubs and bars.

Offer cigarettes to your neighbor first
This rule still works if the smoker is well-mannered. Before you smoke, offer a cigarette to people in your company. If they are well-mannered, they will refuse and smoke their own. This way you will exchange pleasantries and get respect from each other.

You don’t light a cigarette while sitting down
If you want to light a cigarette, but at this moment you are sitting, then show respect and stand up. After all, it is you who needs it, not him.

The right way to light a cigarette
You may only allow people in your inner circle to light your cigarette. Otherwise, you must take the cigarette out of your mouth and hold it in your hand.

Give the lady a light first
If you see that a girl wants to smoke, offer her a light. It’s not hard for you, but it’s nice for her.

Smoking is a little ritual
When you follow all the rules of smoking, it keeps the tradition alive and turns smoking into a kind of ritual. If all smokers used this etiquette in their daily lives, there would be a lot less negativity towards them.