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How to smoke cigarettes correctly? Instructions, rules and safety precautions

Surprisingly, it’s a fact that many long-time smokers neglect how to smoke properly, safely and legally.

How to light a cigarette correctly
You need to clamp the cigarette between your index and middle fingers and bring the side with the filter to your mouth. You can light the cigarette from any source with fire, but it is more convenient and safer to use a lighter or matches.

It is worth noting that you should light the cigarette at the moment of puffing. Due to the draft of air and the inflow of oxygen, the tobacco will immediately catch fire. If you just bring the fire to the tip of the cigarette, it will smolder and quickly go out.

How to take a proper drag on a cigarette
There are two ways of smoking, as smokers call them – “puff” and “no puff”.

The difference between these two methods is that when you take a puff, you take a deep breath and pull the smoke in so that it goes into your lungs and then exhale.

When smoking “off-puff” the smoke is simply drawn into your mouth, held for a while and exhaled. In principle, it is believed that the amount of tar that enters the body with the smoke depends not only on the design of the filter, but also on the strength and depth of the puff.

On average, a cigarette lasts for 10-15 puffs – it depends on the way you smoke. If you smoke in a puff, the tobacco will burn faster due to the increased air draft, and consequently, the number of puffs will be less.

10 safety rules for smoking

  1. Do not hold a lighter close to your face when you are about to light a cigarette.
  2. When smoking, it is important to pay attention to the ash and to flick it into the ashtray in time to avoid getting dirty, burned and burning things.
  3. Be doubly careful if you smoke in the car. The risk of burning the seat or dropping a cigarette on yourself is high.
  4. If possible, it is better to smoke in a well-ventilated room or outdoors.
  5. When smoking outside, pay attention to the direction of the wind. The wind blowing in your face can shake off the ash on your clothes. Or, on the contrary, a sharp gust of wind may stain your companion with ashes.
  6. Do not throw smoldering cigarette butts in the trash. Make sure the cigarette butt is out first. If possible, dip the cigarette in water before throwing it in the trash. All the more reason not to throw cigarette butts just out the window or under your feet. Read more: All about the environmental impact of cigarettes: harm, proper disposal, where to dispose of cigarette butts.
  7. Use wide-bottomed ashtrays so they don’t tip over.
  8. Never smoke in bed. This is a common cause of fires.
  9. Pay attention to where smoking is allowed and where it is prohibited.
  10. Respect the personal space of non-smokers.