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Tobacco Battle: Parliament or Sobranie – to find out whose tobacco is better. Which is more profitable to smoke?

Dear readers, I start a new rubric on my blog “Tobacco Battle”. The main purpose of this column is to compare two brands of cigarettes and find the best option. The heroes of today’s review will be two premium cigarette brands Parliament and Sobranie. They are in the same price range. Thanks to this, the review will not be biased.

Both brands of cigarettes are in great demand, particularly among the middle and wealthy classes. Cigarette battles between budget cigarettes are planned for the future.

Parliament or Sobranie: which is the better choice?

Cigarette manufacturing
It’s worth starting with an introduction to two brands of cigarettes. Perhaps the first will be Parliament cigarettes. In their direction, I can say the following. They are manufactured at Philip Morris tobacco factories, the largest facilities in the world. Recently this company switched to the production of sticks for IQOS because of the popularity of heating systems.

Some of the most popular Philip Morris cigarettes are Marlboro, Parliament and Bond.

Now a few words about Sobranie. They are produced in tobacco factories owned by the Japanese concern JTI. Cigarettes from Japan Tobacco International have won over 30% of the tobacco market. Which shows that the company has been quite successful. I do not know why, but I hear about Sobranie cigarettes less often than about Parliament.

The range and quality of tobacco products
In principle, Parliament and Sobranie cigarettes are equal in terms of assortment. Although I would give more preference to Parliament. They update their line more often and add new models of cigarettes. For example, you can remember the mid-budget line “Parliament P” with a long filter, which are bought more often than Sobranie Black Russian or Sobranie KS Mini.

Most of the range of both brands includes different strengths from the smallest, such as Sobranie Gold (3 mg tar, 0.3 mg nicotine) and Parliament Platinum Blue (1 mg tar, 0.1 mg nicotine).

Prior to the strong cigarettes – Sobranie Black London (8 mg of tar, 0.7 mg nicotine) and Parliament Night Blue (8 mg of tar, 0.5 mg nicotine). The Sobranie has higher readings and is more in line with reality.

The quality of performance of cigarettes is at the height of Parliament and Sobranie. You could say they are on the same level. Only in aesthetic considerations they differ. Carbon filtration is present both there and there. Quality filter, I like it.

Parliament and Sobranie: whose tobacco is better?
And here are the guys, as always. The more expensive the cigarettes, the more you expect from tobacco. The taste and aroma are sharper in Sobranie, while in Parliament it is somehow too soft, creamy. The tobacco itself differs little in color from each other. Garbage is everywhere, but in small quantities. I managed to find a few “logs”, an exploded vein. Nicely cut.

Judging subjectively, Parliament are more popular cigarettes. The chemical taste of “cream” with a strange aftertaste gets bored too quickly. I am annoyed by their high cost. They would have thrown off the price by 2-3 dollars, I would not have found fault.

From Sobranie cigarettes, I can single out only Black Russian with excellent tobacco, but very overpriced. And Sobranie Blue with a sweet aftertaste of tobacco, but a sharp smoke if it gets on the nasal mucosa. But still, Sobranie’s tobacco tastes more natural, but not without a sin in the form of a chemical aftertaste and plaque on the mucous membrane.

Victory for Sobranie! Although Parliament will seem like a good option to some. In any case, tobacco is everywhere, as well as sauces and chemicals.