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Smoking “drains” all our thoughts! How does it work?

It is not a secret that more than 70% of all information when communicating with others is received non-verbally, almost on a subconscious level, such as gestures, facial expressions, body position or hardly visible movements of the pupils of the eyes. And usually the assimilation of all these messages also happens on a subconscious level, but it also significantly affects the already conscious choice. By the way, smoking in many ways gives away our inner feelings to anyone who is able to observe you carefully. What can some of our habits tell us? Let’s find out further!

All that is written below is most true of smoking cigarettes. If you smoke a pipe or a cigar, you know how different the specifics are from consuming cigarettes. From the ritual of smoking itself, to how you, say, extinguish a cigar.

So, a lot can be learned about how the smoker exhales after a puff. For example, a jet of smoke directed upwards indicates a good-natured mood, that the smoker is pleased with himself and with the smoke. Often while smoking a cigar many people let out just the smoke upwards, which probably indicates that the cigar came to taste and life in general was good))

Another thing is if one exhales cigarette smoke in such a way, especially by exhaling it forcefully and tilting one’s head back a little. Such an exhalation indicates a desire to dominate the interlocutor. If the interlocutor always smokes like that, and not only at the moment of making decisions, then most likely he is a potential leader, but also a hardened narcissist. Be careful with such smokers, they usually have bad humor, and your harmless joke can lead to long-lasting insults.

A jet of smoke directed downward will give out a person as a non-human, not inclined to communicate, closed. On the other hand, if such an exhalation of smoke is not a long-standing habit of the interlocutor, but merely momentary and “accidental”, it will “tell” you about your opponent’s doubts about the correctness of the decision. If this happens during the negotiation process, do not wait for the verdict, but immediately “throw in” additional arguments in favor of the decision you need. Such an exhalation of smoke will indicate to you the most precise moment.

But if a person exhales smoke through tightly pressed lips, through the corner, directing the jet downward, it is worth turning on caution. It is very likely that your interlocutor at this moment is lying, and not even particularly hiding, confident in his own safety.

Exhaling smoke through the nostrils gives away an aggressive mood in the interlocutor and it is only possible to “break” his “defense” in negotiations with arguments prepared in advance. But if such an exhalation is a habit, most often it is evidence of conceit and excessive arrogance. But if a cigar or pipe smoker exhales in such a way, it indicates only that there is a process of researching the bouquet of tobacco smoke and no more than that))

It is not only the puffing that can “betray” the true state of affairs, but also the way your interlocutor holds the cigarette in his hand. So the farther the cigarette is held from the palm, the more emotional your opponent is. A cigarette held literally by the tips of the index and middle fingers will give away a person whose emotions prevail over logic when making decisions.

A cigarette clutched between the index and thumbs will give away a person able to defend his interests, but most likely not an active leader, but a patient, stubborn and endowed with an enviable stubbornness. But a cigarette clamped between the index and middle fingers and held to the mouth in an open palm will be a sign of an introvert. And such a person will deny any manifestation of emotion. Often such an interlocutor can demonstrate coldness, detachment, cynicism, but all this is only “protection from the hostile world.

A lot of interesting things can be learned by watching a lady who smokes. So if you kindly offer a woman a light and she lowers her head with a cigarette to the level of the lighter you offer, then, yes, it shows a certain amount of submission. Or rather, even dependence. But not from you, but from her own mother.

A lady without an ounce of arrogance, just knowing her price, will not bow to your courtesy and will most likely try to return a light on her own.