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History and Regular types of Winston cigarettes

History of the brand

The history of Winston cigarettes began back in 1875, when Joshua Reindols founded a tobacco factory in a small town Winston, North Carolina. The company’s focus was on chewing tobacco, used everywhere at the time. The products then expanded into smoking tobacco and cigarettes.

The Reindols empire was gradually and irrevocably taking over the market. Its first victory came with the launch of the Camel brand. Fighting for markets, the new company offered its customers new flavors that were appreciated.

After a trip to Europe, one of the directors, Edward Darr, suggested at a board meeting that the production of filter cigarettes be tried. The technology used allowed for the simultaneous use of a reliable filter and a strong tobacco flavor. Almost simultaneously, an “American bag” tobacco blend was developed.

It represented the addition to the blend of a specific variety of “barley” tobacco, which underwent thermal fermentation to impart a caramel flavor. So in 1854 “Winston” appeared. This year became a countdown for the brand on the way to glory and winning more and more consumers.

This brand of cigarettes came to the taste of many American smokers. And thanks to advertising with a loud and pompous slogan “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should”, the volume of cigarette sales increased.

There was a grammatical error in the advertising phrase, which raised a lot of accusations of illiteracy against the creators of the brand. But thanks to, or in spite of, this mistake, sales did not stop growing.

After the second advertising slogan “What do you want, good grammar or good taste?” sales of cigarette products exceeded several tens of millions a year. Within ten years, it had already become the best-selling cigarette brand in the United States.

To date, the brand of Winston cigarettes is among the ten most consumed cigarettes in the world. In its historical homeland in the United States, it is produced by RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. But there are other tobacco companies making products on the world’s expanses.

The brand’s products follow the preferences of smokers, constantly updating the range of cigarettes, improving their taste and design that will satisfy the consumer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Winston is the strongest?
    Winston Classic
  • Which Winston is the lightest and best for a girl?
    White, Super Slims Silver, XSense White, XS MicroSilver
  • Which Winston has the longest cigarettes?
    Super Slims cigarettes.
  • How is Winston translated?
    Winston – named after the North Carolina town of Winston-Salem
  • Which Winston has the thinnest cigarettes?
    XS Micro Black and XS Micro Silver
  • Which Winston’s is the newest?
    Caster and XSpression Summer Mix
  • Which Winston is the cheapest?
    The Compact line is the cheapest.
  • Does Winston have a sweet filter?
    Winston XS Caster+ has a sweetened filter
  • Cigarettes similar to Winston (similar price/quality)?
    Camel, Marlboro, Parliament