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Vogue cigarettes. History and Review.

Vogue Cigarettes

Vogue cigarettes have different types and are recognized as the most popular cigarettes among women. The aristocratic nature of this brand gives each of their owners to feel like a refined lady. For the first time, Vogue appeared on the tobacco market in 1932. And to this day, each lady who is not indifferent to smoking will pay attention to Vogue, which has a magnificent charm and elegance.

For women smokers, Vogue are a fashionable and stylish accessory, emphasizing their refinement, independence and self-confidence. This cigarette brand attracts consumers not only with the quality of tobacco, but also with fashionable modern design.

Unlike men’s cigarettes characterized by strong tart taste and rough design, Vogue have a thin, elongated shape, a pleasant aroma that covers the smell of heavy man’s cigs and super-lightness in smoking; all this supports their popularity among women who smoke.

Each type is unique and unrepeatable and CigsSpot advises ladies to try each of them!

Currently, in our store, a range of Vogue cigarettes are represented by such cigarettes as:

The products of British American Tobacco often changed style keeping pace with the times. This also affected Vogue cigarettes – the design of the pack changed relatively often, but the pleasant taste of thin aristocratic cigarettes remained unchanged so are still leading.

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Reviews of smokers:

  • “Vogue clickis the blue pack, what I love about them is the fact that you can click to change your cigarette to menthol any time after lighting, I used to do half way but now I click befor lighting up, they are smooth and very sophisticated, I have managed to introduce at least 7 people to vogue, as I won’t smoke anything else, friends need to try mine to see what all the fuss is about, once you vogue ther is no going back.”
  • “I adore smoking vogue frisée menthe. So elegant. The pack is ultra cute. The super slims burn a little slower than the original slims making them last a few hits longer. Every vogue is an absolute pleasure and a must for all fashion conscious smoking girls. The flavour is immense. Once you go vogue…you won’t change.”