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Hilton cigarettes. History and Review.

Hilton Cigarettes

This brand of cigarettes is produced in Eastern Europe by British American Tobacco – the world’s most international tobacco group. Hilton cigarettes are associated with good taste and high status, and are well-known in Europe.

Hilton cigarettes owe their name to the famed Hilton family, the founders and owners of the prestigious Hilton hotel network. The quality of the Hilton cigarettes corresponds to its high-sounding name.

The brand offers high quality cigarettes at very affordable prices. Many smokers from all over the world put Hilton cigarettes in first place for long-lasting pleasure and feeling of freedom they get from their top pick.

In the tobacco market, the brand is represented by two versions:

  • Hilton Gold is a lighter option; the flavor here is barely catchy;
  • Hilton Platinum is stronger; there is a steady smell of tobacco.

These cigarettes differ in a special taste and have long occupied their place among high-quality tobacco products. Producers try to match the raised bar. Innovative designs are used in the production, so both types find their true fans.

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