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Winston cigarettes. History and Review.

Winston Cigarettes

The brand received its name in honor of the city of Winston-Salem in the US, North Carolina. This city is the center of tobacco production and it was there that the first Winston factory was opened. The founder of the brand is considered to be the corporation R.J. Reynolds, which has launched Winston cigarettes in 1875.

Any admirer of Winston cigarettes notes the excellent quality of tobacco used in production and that the manufacturer pays special attention to the filter. Often in the assortment of this brand there are new items with a change in the external design of the pack, the size and type of filters. Thus, even the most capricious smoker can choose for himself the most liked version of the product, depending on the preferences and taste. After all, for every gourmet, the diversity and abundance of the choice of tobacco products will be important.

Winston cigarettes became the first commercially available cigarettes with a filter in the US. At different times they were recognized as “the best cigarette brand” (1956) and “the best-selling cigarettes in the US” (1965).

We offer you the following Winston categories:

Winston products were always popular. Despite the fact that the composition, types, varieties and categories of cigarettes changed depending on the tastes of customers, the quality has always remained unchanged. This really characterizes the attitude of real connoisseurs to Winston cigarettes.

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Reviews of smokers:

  • “I use to smoke malboro but now I love winston much better if you want great cigarettes then go for winston its amazing I love it there’s different kinds of winston blue and silver and red. The red is the highest nicotine, the blue is medium nicotine, the silver the lowest. Enjoy”
  • “Current cigarette. These burn very slow since they are additive free, and the exhale is the most pleasant I’ve ever had on a cigarette. It’s like it evaporates out of your mouth there’s NO chemical/gross taste at all. Kudos Winston this is awesome”
  • “When I became a smoker, I was told that Pall mall was the real deal, and I can agree, they are good for the price, in my country (Sweden) they cost 43 sek which is about 6-7 dollars. Winston costs exactly the same. Therefore, when my local shop was out of Pall Mall, I bought winston because I want to save money. At first, (maybe the first and second cigarette) I thought they tasted the same as pall mall. But after a while I could really feel the difference. They are in every way better. If you ask me, it is the vest brand right now. It is cheap abd tastes wonderful, what else should you require? Strongly recommended”
  • “I used to be a huge Marlboro Lights kind of guy. I would honestly smoke these quite regularly. My friend let me try Winston Lights one day and I can honestly say these have to be one of the smoothest cigarettes I have ever smoked. I haven’t looked back since”
  • “No chemicals no disgusting aftertaste”