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Parliament cigarettes. History and Review.

Parliament Cigarettes

Parliament cigarettes are created by Phillip Morris. This is one of the most popular brands around the world. Parliament are used in the film industry, in advertising and are in high demand among smokers.

Cigarettes of this brand are divided into different types and have a rather interesting history of creation. The main target audience of this brand are people from 21 to 50 years of medium or large income.

The difference between Parliament and other cigarette brands is the use of a carbon filter/mouthpiece, which differs from a solid filter by the presence of a small emptiness at the very beginning, which serves to cool the smoke.

Tobacco products of this brand are created from elite tobacco, which gives them a pleasant taste. High quality gives a relaxing effect, which will be appreciated by all successful people. A huge range allows choosing suitable cigarettes for everyone. Each type has individual properties that will resonate even with the most demanding consumer.

Initially, the price for Parliament was low, but with the increase in sales there was an increase in prices several times.

Parliament is a brand for people who have already achieved something in life, or are actively seeking it. Many cannot afford these cigarettes for every day and buy them exclusively when “going into public” in order to produce an impression of a successful and prosperous person.

In our store there are 3 flavors of Parliament cigarettes:

For many years Philip Morris has been engaged in the production of tobacco products, which is highly respected among consumers, and the Parliament cigarettes are rightfully considered one of the best.

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Reviews of smokers:

  • “I love these, excellent taste and not a harsh smelling. I definitely recommend for smokers that want strong taste and lite on smell.”
  • “parliament is the best cigarette in the world, it tastes best, it smells best, its filter is the best, and it looks nice too…”
  • “The best cigarettes in world the best taste the best smell the best of all. Just smoke them and BE COOL WITH THEM EVERYBODY LIKE THEM!”
  • “These are just the best cigarettes in the world. They mean a lot for me and have and awesome filter, I will even sell my house to get some of these cigarettes. They also have a special taste that no other cigarette have so just try it out”