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Lucky Strike cigarettes. History and Review.

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike is the oldest American cigarette brand, which began its history back in 1871. In that year, in Virginia Patterson introduced the Lucky Strike trademark as chewing tobacco but in 1905 it had evolved into a cigarette thanks to the American Tobacco Company (ATC).

In 1916 under the Lucky Strike brand were produced cigarettes for which tobacco was prepared by innovative technology. While other cigarette manufacturers dried tobacco leaves under the sun, the producers of Lucky Strike cigarettes roasted the leaves, which made them caramelized and the tobacco became fragrant, acquiring a taste of chocolate and coffee.

Originally the pack of Lucky Strike was green and in 1942 the design was changed to white with a red circle in the middle. After that the design of the pack has also undergone some changes and the red circle in the middle of the white background in the more “light” Lucky Strike cigarettes has changed to blue so that the consumer could visually distinguish them.

The name of the brand was associated with a gold rush and gold diggers who were fortunate enough to find gold – it hinted that these cigarettes would be a real godsend for true connoisseurs of good tobacco.

Our shop offers 3 types of Lucky Strike cigarettes:

  • Lucky Strike Red
  • Lucky Strike Blue
  • Lucky Strike Silver

By 1931, Lucky Strike became the most sold cigarettes in the US. Now Lucky Strike is sold in more than 90 countries and is one of the most advanced brands of British American Tobacco. BAT continues to promote the brand, despite the fact that in 2006 in North America its production was banned.

Reviews of smokers:

  • “Lucky Strike’s taste is unique and distinctive, rich, smooth, and satysfying.. And they taste really natural, almost free of additives…”
  • “Great tasting, smooth, packs a punch and is probably the coolest cigarette that you can smoke. It’s a rugged cigarette for rugged people, no wimps allowed.”
  • “Lucky Strikes, a strong cigarette in it’s own right. Red’s are strong because they contain an abundant amount of catalyst additives to increase there strength. Lucky Strike use a robust effect by toasting tobacco leaves during preparation to give there signature taste. I grew up with this cigarettes and they are completely worth shipping them over to the U.S. where the filtered style is no longer sold.”
  • “Lucky strike have a taste like no other, and a high nicotine content which helps. I usually smoke a 20 pack a day but with lucky strikes I only need 5-10. Quite simply the best tasting cigarette in the world.”

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