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“Are they lying to us?!”, or the underside of the anti-smoking campaign

Once, the former Prime Minister of England, Benjamin Disraeli, expressed an interesting, yet obvious thought: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, brazen lies and statistics”. And by the way, it is on generalizing statistics that the whole anti-tobacco campaign of our time is built. Although, now this promoted mechanism is beginning to be accused of “brazen lies”…..

Think of the “scarecrows” on your cigarette packs, cigar boxes, or tobacco packages. How many “scripts” of wishes for smokers are there? Does anyone know where these conclusions come from? Well, I do! Various medical professionals around the world have “done studies” and drawn conclusions! Only in reality, there have been almost no such studies, at least not independent ones, and not fitted to a pre-planned result.

For example, back in 2019, it’s actually scientifically proven that there is no link between smoking and premature aging. Not at all. It doesn’t matter if you smoke or what you smoke – we age the same way as non-smokers. But the anti-smoking campaign can no longer pay attention to these facts. The “flywheel of the struggle” has been turned too far.

Nor will anti-tobacco activists tell you about Washington’s lawsuit, which began back in 2011 against some “experts” at the FDA (the world’s agency in charge of controlling, among other things, tobacco trafficking). And, remarkably, three experts (Jonathan Samet, Neil Benowitz and Jack Henningfield) were removed from the FDA, and their “scientific” reports were called into very serious question. Why?

And all three “experts” were paid agents of the pharmaceutical companies Glaxo and Pfizer for 30 years, receiving regular and ongoing monetary rewards and grants for the development of the anti-tobacco movement. Given that the medical lobby is now a large, transnational business with huge annual revenues, it is very hard to imagine that it cares about our health and not about making super profits. Including by creating all sorts of “legends” from purchased “experts”, because “anti-tobacco” drugs and all sorts of psychotropics for “nicotine addicts” is a separate, multi-billion dollar industry on nothing.

Interesting may be the fact that the reports of these “scientists”, which the court questioned, are now almost the pillars of the anti-tobacco campaign. These are the report from 1998 “proving” that nicotine is more addictive than heroin and the report from 2006 on the harm of secondhand smoke – the same report that formed the basis of the WHO convention and thanks to which we are banned from smoking.

By the way, the “research” of the same “experts” on the harm of menthol cigarettes was also included in the section of doubtful cigarettes, which did not prevent them from being banned in many countries a few years ago. I mean that though slowly, but the truth begins to “surface” little by little, but billions of dollars invested in anti-tobacco business are at stake. It is unlikely that any changes and easing of bans can be expected in the near future, but the disclosure of such facts of forgery was practically impossible for several years.

Another, the most persistent scarecrow among “activists” is that smoking leads to lung cancer! And nobody cares that this “connection” is not scientifically proven, and it is based on a statistical (not a lie?), generalized sample of some studies. Not only that, but a whole group of world-renowned physicians have actually already proven that there is no link between smoking and lung cancer. I attach a link to the report, but I warn you that it is difficult to read for the average person, because it is not a populist statement, but the result of scientific research. Moreover, in the same document, the researchers directly accuse anti-smoking campaigns and the Ministry of Health, among others, of deliberately concealing data on the nature of this type of cancer, thus causing harm not only to smokers.

The topic of this article is much more extensive and informative, so I’m sure I’ll write a sequel in the near future, but for now…. In the meantime, enjoy the eloquence and “shabbiness” of thinking of local “activists” who will definitely not let this post go without “marking the territory”)).