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How do cigarettes differ from cigarillos and cigars?

Despite the fact that various tobacco products have been on the market for years, for many people the question remains, “What is the difference between a cigarette, cigarillo and cigar?”. These tobacco products and the principle of smoking are similar, but there are also many differences. Let’s explore this topic together in this article and answer a couple of key questions: what are the differences between cigarettes and cigarillos, cigars? What is the proper way to smoke cigars and cigarillos? Is smoking cigars and cigarillos safer than smoking cigarettes? And why are cigarillos becoming more popular?

What is a cigarette, cigarillo and cigar? And how do they differ?

A cigar is a tobacco product made from twisted tobacco leaves. Cigars are intended to be smoked by inhaling the smoke produced by smoldering tobacco leaves. Cigars do not require as deep a puff of smoke as cigarettes.

Cigarillos are mini versions of cigars, tobacco products made with the same technology as cigars.

A cigarette is a small-sized tobacco product consisting of cut tobacco, a filter (there are some without a filter) and a paper wrapper. Cigarettes are intended for smoking, that is, inhaling the smoke produced by burning tobacco and paper wrapper.

In terms of composition and construction, cigarettes, cigars, and cigarillos differ in a number of ways:

Wrapping Material. Cigarillos and cigars are wrapped in tobacco leaf or paper substitute with tobacco in it. Burley tobacco leaves are most often used for the wrapper. Cigarettes are always wrapped in tissue paper.

Size. Cigarillos and cigars are always larger than cigarettes in length, diameter, and weight. The average length of a cigarillo is 10 centimeters, while a cigar is 12 centimeters. In comparison, a cigarette is about 7 centimeters long.

The diameter of a cigarette can range from 7.95 mm to 6.05 mm, with a standard cigarette having a diameter of 7.65 mm. Cigarillos tend to be thicker, around 9 mm, and cigars have the largest diameter, ranging from 42 to 52 mm.

The weight of tobacco in a standard cigarette is 0.5 to 1 gram. A cigarillo usually contains about 3 grams of tobacco, a cigar may contain 5 to 20 grams of pure tobacco.

Tobacco Processing. In the production of cigarillos and cigars, pure, coarsely cut tobacco of high quality, without flavoring additives, is used. For the production of cigarettes, shredded tobacco is used with the addition of cigarette sauces.

How do you smoke cigars, cigarillos and cigarettes? Are there any differences?

How to smoke a cigar correctly?

In terms of smoking process and technique, cigar is one of the most complex and non-obvious tobacco products. If it takes a few minutes to smoke a cigarette, smoking a cigar is a whole action, a ritual that takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Step 1: Trim the cigar

The tip of the cigar (the end that comes to your mouth) is usually “sealed”. Before you can smoke a cigar, you must trim it. The best way to do this is with a cutter: a cigar guillotine, a special knife or scissors. You should not bite off the tip with your teeth or cut it off with an ordinary knife, so as not to damage the cigar. To cut a cigar properly, find a line on the wrapper (about 3 mm from the tip of the cigar, lock the blade and in one quick motion cut the cigar cap.

Step 2: Light the cigar

The tobacco in a cigar is very sensitive to odors, so use gas lighters or wooden matches to light it. It is most convenient to light a cigar with a turbo lighter. Do not use gasoline lighters or cardboard matches, as the smoke from them has an odor and can spoil the taste of the cigar.

To light the cigar, place the cigar between your thumb and fingers so that it can be comfortably rotated. Bring the tip of the cigar to the flame and slowly rotate it in a circle. Take your time, the cigar should not catch fire. It needs to start smoldering evenly in a circle. You can also blow on the lit tip to make sure the cigar smolders in a circle.

Step 3: Properly inhaling a cigar

Unlike cigarette smoke, cigar smoke is not inhaled into the lungs because they have hot and strong smoke that can damage the larynx and lungs. Therefore, cigar smoke is simply savored in the mouth, and exhaled.

There are no strict rules when smoking a cigar – the main thing is to take your time, but smoking too slowly will cause the cigar to go out.

Step 4: Finish or extinguish the cigar

After finishing smoking a cigar you don’t need to extinguish it, you can just put it in the middle of the ashtray and it will stop smoldering in 2-3 minutes.

How do you smoke a cigarillo?

The problem that cigar lovers face is that there is no time for it as the smoking process takes 1-2 hours. Cigarillos are a solution to the problem that provides a similar flavor in a short time. Cigarillos are also suitable for newcomers to the world of cigars or cigar enthusiasts who are looking for a convenient and quick way, to enjoy the true flavor of tobacco. What is the right way to smoke a cigarillo?

  1. We light the cigarillo from the opposite side of the filter. You can use any kind of lighter or matches to light the cigarette.
  2. The smoke does not need to be inhaled into the lungs – savor it in the mouth and let it out. The way of smoking is similar to cigars.
  3. It is recommended to hold the cigarillo with the thumb and index finger.
  4. When the cigarillo is finished, it is necessary to extinguish it in the ashtray until it is completely burned out.

Is smoking cigars and cigarillos safer than smoking cigarettes?

There is no such thing as a safe cigarette. Cigarillos and cigars also contain nicotine, they are harmful and lead to tobacco addiction.

Switching from smoking cigarettes to cigars or cigarillos is harmful because the habit of inhaling cigarette smoke into the lungs remains. The more cigars you smoke and the deeper you inhale, the higher the risks.

What are some well-known brands of cigarillos and cigarettes?

International tobacco companies produce cigarillos under the names of well-known cigarette brands such as, Marlboro, Chesterfield, L&M, Bond Street, Next. Unfortunately, such cigarillos are not sold on the Ukrainian market. They are presented on the tobacco markets of Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and other countries.

According to European legislation, a product is considered a cigarillo if it consists of 100% tobacco, otherwise, there is no tax benefit for the production of such products. Therefore, most cigarillos in the European tobacco market use exclusively tobacco leaf for the wrapper, rather than paper composed with tobacco.