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All about cigarettes with a capsule (button): what it is, how and what they are made of, how to use them

In the last decade, so-called button cigarettes (flavor capsules) have gained popularity. We collected detailed information about how cigarettes with buttons work; where they came from in the first place; what capsules are made of; what flavors there are; how to properly burst the capsule; whether cigarettes with capsules are harmful to health and other.

What are cigarettes with a capsule?

A cigarette with a capsule (also called a button cigarette) is a regular cigarette with a capsule filled with a flavoring compound inside the filter. When you squeeze the filter in the right place (on the so-called button), the capsule bursts and saturates the cigarette smoke with flavor. If you don’t “push the button” on the cigarette, you can continue to smoke a capsule cigarette like a regular cigarette. The name “button” came about because of the button icon depicted on the filter of the cigarette, and because of the recognizable clicking sound when the capsule is pressed.

The first menthol flavored cigarettes appeared, think about it, already 100 years ago, in the early twentieth century. In the 1960s, manufacturers tried to create the first cigarettes with capsules. However, at that time it had not yet occurred to anyone to fill capsules with flavoring and thus change the taste of smoke. In the 60’s capsules filled with water were considered as a filter element, providing better cleaning of smoke (in fact, it is not so). It wasn’t until 2008 that the first cigarettes with flavored capsules, close to what we know them to be today, appeared in Japan.

Where to buy cigarettes with a capsule?

If you want to buy capsule cigarettes, you can do it on our website.

What are the capsules in cigarettes made of?

A capsule in cigarettes is a small spherical gel ball filled with a flavored compound. The capsule is 1-6 mm in diameter, depending on the format of the cigarette. The capsule’s shell is made of gelatin, the same gelatin used in cooking. Inside the capsule is a flavored solution that has an oily consistency. Both natural and synthetic flavorings dissolved in an oily triglyceride-based liquid can be used in manufacturing. Triglycerides are liquid complex fats found in many foods. For example, in vegetable and animal oils.

The capsule is placed inside the acetate fiber portion of the cigarette filter. This is done at the cigarette manufacturing stage, so it is not possible to add the capsule to the cigarette yourself.

How do you burst a capsule in a cigarette?

To burst the capsule in a cigarette, locate the spot on the filter marked with a button. Firmly squeeze the filter with your fingers at this point. As soon as you hear the characteristic “click”, you can let go. The capsule has been crushed and the flavor has already been released into the filter. Some smokers sometimes prefer to burst the capsule with their teeth. Also a method, of course, but pressing your fingers is usually enough.

What are the different capsule flavors of button cigarettes?

It would be correct to say almost any flavor. The most common flavor in capsules is berry and menthol, both sweet and fresh. Also popular are fruity (especially exotic), citrus, and chocolate flavors.

Common flavors of capsule flavorings echo food and perfume flavors and include herbal, confectionery, floral, fruity, spicy flavors, as well as vanilla, coffee, chocolate, cream, mint, menthol, herbs, lavender, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, cascarilla, sandalwood, honey, jasmine, and ginger. These flavorings can be used pure, alone, or combined (e.g., mint and menthol or orange and cinnamon).

There are also two-button cigarettes (capsules). These have 2 capsules with different flavors built into the filter at the same time. You can burst one of them, both at once or do not touch and continue to buy a button cigarette as a regular cigarette. You get 4 flavors in one cigarette at once. Some cigarettes have capsules of different flavors mixed in the pack. Thus, there are several flavor options inside one pack.

You can also order button cigarettes by going to the catalog of cigarettes with capsule.

Is it true that button cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes?

No, it doesn’t. The sweet fruity or berry flavor of the capsules slightly softens the tobacco bitterness of cigarette smoke, and menthol notes add a chill. But all this is only at the level of subjective feelings. Otherwise, the smoke composition and tar content are the same between cigarettes without capsules and their analogs with capsules.

Do thin cigarettes come with a button?

Capsules have become so popular that there is probably no cigarette format that doesn’t have them already. The most popular button cigarette format is the so-called demi compact, but capsules can also be found in demi, nano, slim, superslim and regular cigarettes.