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The most unusual cigarettes in the world

Consumers who frequently buy cigarettes have long been accustomed to standard formats, know their brands and can quickly find their familiar brand among the variety of assortment. But what will be your surprise when you find out that in addition to the usual cigarettes that we are used to, there are some that will definitely impress you with their uniqueness. In this article we have collected the most unusual cigarettes that exist in the world.

Read to the end, because we have something to surprise you!

Retro cigarettes
Fans of the “retro” style will definitely not pass by George Karelias and Sons cigarettes. This is a real reproduction of the era, the main feature of which is the premium tobacco of Greek origin. In addition to the flavor, sophisticated smokers will also appreciate the visual aesthetics of these cigarettes in a cigarette case, which is reproduced according to all the canons of the 30s. Real connoisseurs of the retro era can purchase such a pack at the price of 40 dollars.

Clove cigarettes (kretek)
Kretek is the name given to cigarettes that contain cloves. The very name “kretek” comes from the characteristic crackling or clicking sound of cloves when burning. The historical homeland of such cigarettes is Indonesia and initially they were more popular among the poorer strata of the population. As time went on, kretek gained popularity among the higher strata of society as well. These cigarettes have a very specific aroma and taste due to the presence of spices, and they are also stronger than the usual cigarettes. As a rule, these cigarettes are made without a filter.

Several different flavor capsules in one packet
Capsule cigarettes are some of the most popular on the market, so it’s hard to be surprised by them. Often we find offerings with one flavor or two, but there are also cigarettes with 5 different capsules in one pack. Thus, the consumer can try 5 capsules with different flavors at once, buying only one pack. By the way, such a product was once even present on the market in the Bond Street brand.

Handmade cigarettes
10 000 copies – that’s how many packs of the brand “Treasurer” produced by the world famous brand “Chancellor Tabacco”. Each cigarette of this series is handmade by skillful hands of masters and has a holographic mark of the company. The famous Virginia tobacco, used in these cigarettes, will surprise customers with spicy flavor with light fruity notes.

The most expensive product in tobacco history
Could you ever imagine a pack of cigarettes encrusted with diamonds, rubies and gold? That’s exactly what the most expensive packet in the history of the Lucky Strike brand looks like. It was produced in a single copy and presented as a museum piece, so it can please the connoisseur only as a museum piece.

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