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What are the formats (sizes) of cigarettes?

When I write cigarette reviews, I use terms that I thought everyone knew a long time ago. But it turns out that not all readers are aware of them. Forgive me for those who know about formats and sizes, this article is not for you. It’s an introduction to the world of slims and sizing.

King Size
This is the most usual size for experienced smokers, one of the most common in Soviet times. The standard length of a cigarette is 85 mm. The diameter is about 8 mm. There are still King Size 100 (cigarette length – 100 mm), and much rarer – King Size 115 and King Size 120 (cigarette length 115 and 120 mm respectively). The length of 94 mm is even rarer. But also happens, for example, the Chinese brand “Ashima”, which is now produced in Europe. True, the manufacturer calls this size Luxury Size.

Marlboro Red King Size

The diameter of 8 mm is a rounded value. Often you can find information on the internet that the diameter of a cigarette is 7.62 mm. And despite the fact that there is no such strict standard nowadays, it is partly true.

The fact that the diameter of King Size cigarettes is almost always less than 8 mm, you can see for yourself. The tobacco filler shells have a diameter of 8mm. This information is almost always written on the packaging. So a pre-made cigarette is usually easy to fit inside an empty cartridge case. It means that its diameter is less than 8 mm.

Well, probably all know the story about why the diameter of cigarettes is 7.62 mm. It went, they say, since the Soviet Union … And so on. I will not retell this legend here. Search the Internet. In fact, this is not the Soviet standard. It is the world standard. 7.62 mm equals 0.3 inches.

These are slightly smaller diameter cigarettes than the King Size. The most common length is 84 mm, then there are also 94 mm and 100 mm. The diameter is 6.8 mm. Cigarettes of this format are commonly referred to as “compact”. And also recently appeared fashionable in certain circles term “demi”. So, “demi” and “compact” and QS – it is the same thing.

Rothmans Demi Silver

Nowadays, most brands of cigarettes that come in King Size format also have a QS (compact) version. You don’t have to go far to find examples. It’s enough to walk into any supermarket and ask to see the contents of the tobacco cabinet.

Super Slims
Super Slims (superslim or superslims) are 99 (100) mm long cigarettes with a diameter of 5.4 mm. I think that’s the kind of cigarettes everyone has seen. The Arab ones are especially common now. Like Cavallo, Manchester or Milano. It’s easy to remember – thin and long, so super slims.

ESSE SuperSlims Secret

KS Super Slims
This format is called “nano” for some reason. Although it is a shortened version of superslim. That is, the diameter is the same – 5.4 mm. And the length is classic, 83-84 mm.

Kent Nano Silver

Cigarettes of this format are also often called toothpicks. In general, thin and short are nano.

Slim format cigarettes have a diameter of 6.1 mm. Lately, they have been appearing less and less frequently. Although for us, the weight smokers, this format is quite well known. Slim format tobacco filler cartridges are still 6.1 mm in diameter and 84 mm long.

However, cigarettes are still in circulation. They are especially common in Armenia. But with a length of 100 mm.

I’ve listed only the most common formats of cigarettes. Believe me, there are others. And we are not considering cigarillos at all in this article. There length and diameter can float any way you want.

Don’t forget that there are also filterless cigarettes. They are usually 7-8 mm in diameter and 68 mm long.

So that’s my education today. Maybe someone will be interested.