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“LD” cigarette tasting.

Today I will continue my review of the “budget segment” cigarettes, responding to your requests for tastings. I will not dwell in detail on the history of the brand. I will only say that the brand began with LD Filters or LD “red” in king size format. During its not too long history the brand was sold in at least a dozen different varieties, in all formats and many design variations. Now the manufacturer of the brand relies on the “compact” format and new varieties are being developed in this format. In the “classics” there are still quite traditional varieties of Red, Blue and Silver. In my review, the first two will be present.

LD Red. Both packs have the same design with rounded edges. The main color of the pack is white, while the variety is marked with a colored rectangle with the brand name in red, blue or light gray. Unlike their more expensive counterparts, the brand’s cigarettes are still packaged in foil paper inside the pack.

Inside the pack of twenty king size cigarettes. The filter of both varieties is simple acetate, medium density. The filter paper is traditional, “cork”, it also has the letters of the brand – “LD”. Separation strip and deciphering “Liggett Ducat” in “silver”. Red is the strongest grade in this line. The characteristics: 10 mg resin, 0.7 mg nicotine, 10 mg CO.

The bag in cigarettes is predominantly light – lots of yellow and light yellow fractions. The cut is “wild,” consisting of ribbons, slices of leaf of various sizes, slices and “sticks” of vein and stem. Surrogate leaf is present in sufficient abundance that one would not hope for a “tobacco” taste.

There is really no “tobacco” in the flavor at all. There is a certain average cigarette flavor, which is now present in many cigarettes. The smoke, while not tasty, is without any possible negativity – no obtrusive bitterness, dryness or causticity. The smell of the smoke is pretty clingy to your hands, clothes and hair. And these would be normal, budget cigarettes, without the frills, if it weren’t for the price.

LD Blue. This is a slightly lighter version of the “classic. The pack has the same construction and design, only the “blue” rectangle makes it clear that this is a different grade. In general, the grade designation, in this line, is written in tiny little letters only on the ends of the pack.

The pack still contains twenty king size cigarettes. The color scheme, as it should be for “light” cigarettes, is white. The filter paper is white, the letters of the brand name in bright blue. The dividing stripe and “Liggett Ducat” transcription in “silver”. The filter has one line of perforation. Cigarette specifications: Resin 6 mg, nicotine o.4 mg, CO 8 mg.

The color of the sack is not particularly different from Red’s, yellow and light yellow fractions in abundance. And the slicing is very similar – leaf fragments of different sizes, stem slices, ribbon fragments… Surrogate leaf is also abundant.

The flavor of this variety also does not shine, but if the “red” LD is still possible to take a bite, the “blue” is problematic to get high. The smoke is transparent, without any flavor, not at all nourishing. The smell left after the cigarette is pretty smelly and not associated with tobacco, and by the way, it is quite persistent. Well, just like the previous variety, the price is not at all budget-friendly.