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“Milano” Cigarettes

Cigarettes with the unusual, ear-catching name of MILANO have already taken their place in the tobacco industry. The already well-known brand is an imported one. Yes, it is not brightly popular, but it is quite in demand among the rest of the Eastern segments, the homeland of which is the United Arab Emirates.

A variety of cigarettes
It may be difficult to get this segment, but they are of high quality. It should be noted that Italy in the delicate name is not present at all in Arab cigarettes. A good marketing ploy to attract its texture has a place. All these Italian names give a special twist. The cigarette pack is made in lighter and gentler colors. The design of the manufacturer shows that these cigarettes are designed for a female audience.

Several types of MILANO cigarettes will allow female fans to choose exactly the variant they like the most:

  • — Variance
  • — Superslim
  • — Nano Edition
  • — Night Blinks

Variance is a series of cigarettes with a button that conceals a magical fragrance. It is worth noting that the flavor is very fragrant. The filter in this series, consists of two parts, which have perforation holes and the capsule itself, and the second part consists of filter wool.

Superslims is one of the series that contains a faintly tangible menthol with 4 mg of nicotine resin and 0.4 mg of nicotine. Clarified tobacco with impurities that are actually present in small amounts. When smoking it is little noticeable. The smell is well weathered after consumption and is almost completely eliminated. Hair and clothes are not impregnated with smoke. However, there is not a great desire to “overpower” the aftertaste.

Nano Edition- a tobacco novelty that has a flavor. Especially suitable for women starting to smoke. You can’t call them strong, but they are not weak either. But for beginners they are good enough not to choke when you first try to smoke. This series has an acetate filter.

Night Blinks is a series for not avid smokers, but quite suitable for normal consumption.It has a second name – Milano Paris. The strength is medium. The filter of these cigarettes is quite dense and has a lot of holes. The design, price and quality are quite consistent.

Unfortunately, the brand is not designed for a strong male hand. Therefore MILANO is suitable for the beautiful half of the population.

How easy is it to open?
The unique design of the tutus presented another innovation. Not only do tutus have an original design in the form of cities, but they also open in an unusual way. It is possible to open the pack with ease, as if you have just been dealt a card and you are laying out your fan. Cigarettes are easily and conveniently taken out of the pack, without making it look bad.

In general, smoking is harmful. But if you’re an adult, started to smoke or have a taste for it, it’s worth to evaluate realistically and choose the cigarettes that won’t make you break your breath and cause dizziness. The MILANO brand is perfect for both price and quality.