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Top class for a penny! Vogue La Cigarette Menthe Tasting

At the moment, Vogue is one of the world’s oldest cigarette brands still in production today. The history of the brand began in 1955, when Stephano Brothers Ltd. introduced these cigarettes to the tobacco market in the United States. But the appearance of Vogue cigarettes was quite different then — they were in king size format, no filter and in black cigarette paper. At the same time from the beginning the brand was positioned as cigarettes for women.

In 1956 the company launched another ladies’ brand — Vanity Fair Filter, these cigarettes had a filter and the cigarette paper had two colors — pastel blue or pastel pink. In 1960, when the company was acquired by the giant Imperial Tobacco, the brand Vanity was quietly phased out and replaced by Vogue Colours.

Since 1987, the Vogue brand belongs to British American Tobacco and continues to be produced around the world today.

It seems that the menthol version of these ladies’ cigarettes should have existed almost since the discovery of the flavoring. However, the first menthol Vogue did not appear until the 1980s, although it is still in production today. Today’s review sample, Vogue Menthe, features a design that’s been around since 2016. It’s a strict, concise design. Note the name of the cigarette in the French manner. In fact — it’s just a marketing ploy, these cigarettes have nothing to do with the French =)

The style set by the restrained austerity of the packaging continues even after the pack is opened. For example, the tear-off “foil” label is covered in the same pastel-green color and textured with Vogue’s trademark strokes.

The pack contains twenty super slims cigarettes, with a regular acetate filter and a double perforation ring. The design of the cigarettes is flawless.

The design of the cigarettes themselves is no less stylish with the “pearl” filter paper and the silver Vogue ink, the separating ring and the name of the variety or rather series — “La Cigarette”.

The sack of cigarettes is mostly yellow, with the addition of fractions of light yellow and not a significant amount of brown leaf particles. The slicing is fairly neat and mostly consists of narrow, long ribbons and their fragments. Quite small amounts contain small flakes and few vein slices. Tar characteristics of the cigarette: tar 7 mg, nicotine 0.7 mg.

The unlit cigarette emits a subtle, light aroma of sweet menthol. It is pleasant, I must say. When you light it, the menthol, of course, dominates the flavor. But Vogue has its own special menthol. It has a pleasant, soft freshness with a subtle caramel-sweet flavor. But if you smoke a little more intensely, the menthol is a little sharper, and against this background, the sweetness is almost imperceptible. After smoking a cigarette, the smoke leaves a pleasant, minty aftertaste, quite long. The tobacco base in the smoking process is not felt at all, at least as something on its own.

In the end, these are pleasant, with a successful bouquet of flavors, really ladies’. The smoke is not at all strong, but I would not call it weightless either. However, I will not criticize Vogue — these cigarettes are not so much for the nicotine requirement, but for the aesthetics of the taste experience.

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