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Chesterfield cigarettes. History and Review.

Chesterfield Cigarettes

The brand was first introduced in 1873 by the Drummond Tobacco Company, The name of this brand comes from Chesterfield Country found in state of Virginia in the USA. In the 20th century, Chesterfield was most recognized brand in the world and was among the top selling brands in the USA. They were the best cigarettes and they are best even now!

Here what some people think about them:

  •  Not too strong not too light just about right and pretty cheap to. If you are not willing to spend a lot of money and still get a decent smoke this ones are great
  •  It has the best flavour I’ve ever tasted.
  •  Best cigarettes by far. I wish I could get some in Australia
  •  Man, if you want Marlboro, than go ahead and waste unecessary money. Chesterfield probably a good of a taste as Marlboro and cheaper… But it is true, it does burn faster than marlboro, but Chesterfield should really be at the top.


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