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Glamour cigarettes. History and Review

Nowadays tobacco companies manufacture a wide range of cigarette brands particularly for women. The tobacco industry is marketing cigarettes to women taking advantage of alluring images of vitality, elegance, modernity, slimness, and emancipation.

The word “glamour” often signifies beauty and sensuality. Glamour represents fashionable and sophisticated cigarette brands created particularly for women who possess the above noted qualities. This slim smooth tobacco product attracts the women’s attention. Women who smoke Glamour cigarettes would easily recognize the high quality and eye catchy slim style of this brand. The manufacturer of this cigarette brand has involved all the necessary components that would make this an invaluable product for women.

This brand of cigarettes is produced by Gallagher Tobacco Company, which is the second biggest cigarette manufacturer in Britain. Glamour cigarettes were introduced on the European tobacco market in 2001 and rapidly became the world’s leading brand among superslims cigarettes.