LD Autograph Club Compact Lounge

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Price is per 1 carton
One carton = 10 packs
One pack = 20 cigarettes

LD Autograph Club Compact Lounge mid-range cigarettes. Presented in a classic format with a dense filter typical for LD. They have a faint odor of tobacco and resin-free dark gray smoke.

After smoking you have a light taste of vanilla in the mouth and almost imperceptible bitterness. This model has a classic cigarette length format – 83 mm.

The cigarette has a medium bodied filling, but smolders for a long time. Smoking more than 3 cigarettes in a row can cause permanent bitterness in the mouth, but after smoking one, it feels like you just drank a cup of coffee.

Tar content: 6 mg, Nicotine content: 0.5 mg

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